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Man And Woman: Unity And Struggle Of Opposites ?

A friend of mine often ends the discussion with a woman with a phrase: 'Yes, dear, you're certainly right. I prefer not to argue with women. " He – man, if someone does not understand. I was totally sympathize with him in the men and women think quite differently, and therefore to argue with the opposite sex is useless and counterproductive. Men and women so differently think that they can not even understand each other, as if speaking in different languages. But today, when I drove the car (by the way, behind the wheel come sometimes very good idea, some special event, I still do not understand), I realized that I was wrong.

Ie with initial data that thinking men and women differently and find it difficult to understand each other, I still absolutely agree. Alter the conclusions of this obvious fact. Argue useful and very productive. Talk without controversy of course, too, do not know, however, that effective. Try to explain why. When a man and a woman analyze the situation, they do it differently. And if before the beginning of the dispute or the conversation they will have a common goal, for example, to find out the truth, uncover why her husband nagging boss, and colleague-to-female constantly makes small dirty, or as a child to behave in a new school, etc., then the analysis of them will be much more accurate than each separately.

Because everyone will look like 'their part'. Well, it's like watching some process by lightning, for example, by not one but two kinds of devices. Let this be a camera and a barometer – the picture becomes much more informative and useful. When two people are separated, they can be very long thinking the same thought, then move to the next when they think together, the findings are repelled from each other and the ascent to the top of some kind, the conclusion is much faster. And in the man-woman version of this phenomenon is still more intensified. Therefore, I think, foolish to scold our initial opposition, but because of need for such a resource and use it for mutual benefit. But it is possible for one very important condition: the purpose, intent must be reciprocal, ie mutual. And before the dispute must 'tune on the same wavelength. " If I listen to the radio, and he catches a frequency slightly wrong, I'm looking for, then I would hear the sound, distorted rustling and crackling. If the frequency is not the same, then do not hear anything. But if the frequency is accurate, then the sound will be clean. Likewise, we need to dispute the 'Customize' on the same frequency. How? I propose to try to put yourself in your opponent and to imagine that he could think. Then you can catch each other's frequencies, and correlation to the overall communication frequency automatically. And you can even throw pots at the same time, the external form does not matter. Ekaterina Shipulina

20 Jul 2013, 3:12pm

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GM Link Cadillac

If you are looking for a big pickup truck the best is the Escalade, want to know why? Cadillac always has been and will be the best brand of cars, as all have very good engine, they are very safe, luxurious and elegant, so could not be left behind with the Escalade. The Cadillac Escalade has a super 6.2 l engine, an automatic transmission of 6 changes and addition semi-manual mode, so use prefer it. The safety of this truck is excellent, because account with the drive system AWD which relies on stability and traction sensors to give you control over when going at high speeds, so when it comes to swerve and swerve not lose control of the truck. Also the Cadillac Escalade has the latest technology, since it has 3 screens so you can see your favorite films and one of them is touch. The platinum version has 5 screens and 2 of them are recessed in the headwaters of the front seats. If you want to acquire this impressive pickup, you can get it in black, dark grey metal, metallic gold, metallic silver and white diamond. Interiors can be chosen between black, cashmere and cocoa in the Platinum version. Also remember that if you want to buy the Cadillc Escalade best choice is do it with cars agency that offers you the best price of all Mexico, besides that have financing plans and get 1 free year of GM Link. Original author and source of the article

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New Content On The Internet

Current publication and distribution of content through Internet technology allows users on the network can share, view, use, and generate all types of content. In particular, the audiovisual content has become extremely important, and social networks like facebook, myspace, tuenti, etc, as well as publication of videos like the famous Youtube technology have led to a large participation by users and the consumption of these contents. For example, viewing of films, series and videos online among Internet users is gaining popularity. For example, it is possible to see videos de Patito Feo, the famous Argentine series of the young Patito Feo, videos of animals, music videos, full-length movies, etc. On the other hand, while users enjoy these contents, usually free of charge, proliferate the web pages and companies that use them as business model or form of marketing. So important is the area of advertising and marketing on the internet every time there is more activity and money in the sector.Increasingly emerging initiatives that allow the users themselves benefit from this boom of advertising on the internet in addition to enjoying the services offered. In this way, it is possible to earn money with Facebook.Sin doubt, Internet continues to change and generate new ways to enjoy, do business, make money, communicate and share.

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That poses a problem of timetables. It can two classes take place at the same time and therefore you will have to choose another time for this class, or even change of subject. It also poses a problem. If the career that you are still in your country of origin is composed of such varied subjects, it is likely that the level of information technology that is acquired is not the same as the level acquired in a career specialising in computer science. Therefore, can be a little tricky sometimes follow the class. In addition, if you are still a third year class for example, you’ve not followed the first two courses before and some knowledge that the teacher will instead consider miss you as acquired.

On the implementation of the ECTS system: it is assumed that the ECTS system is used for recognition of classes followed abroad. Works in the following manner: each course is worth a number of credits based on the number of hours per week and personal workload that represents for the student. An academic year is worth 60 credits (one semester, 30). Therefore, when going on Erasmus, you write your plan of study and upon reaching the 30 credits per semester, have the number of sufficient subjects. The problem arises when the host University and/or the origin do not apply this system. Assumes that all have to apply but for being a recent system, certain universities do not implement it properly yet. What can can move? One example among others is that your home University is not based on credit but on subjects. If your career (in your country) is composed of 10 subjects of a weekly duration of 2 hours each, you have a weekly schedule of 20 hours a week.

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