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Mentalism Happiness

While it appears that we here in the ‘world’, we will always have two options to choose from: in any situation, we can identify with the body and all the desires arising under it, or we can begin to flow with our true immortal free from desires, detached and resides in LOVE. The election is free and personal. The first is the choice of the ego, which systematically leads to fear, whether it is manifested as sadness, loneliness, hate, resentment, unhappiness, lack, loss, dissatisfaction, helplessness … the ego has many faces with a denominator common: they all love us away, is covered with the veil of illusion. The second is the choice of the Spirit who leads us directly to love. Not love as feeling caused by something alien to us but to love as a state of being. In this state, everything else is too small, even intimate relationships.

There is no need to limit our “love” a few people. Why limit it to 8, 10, 100 or 500 people, when we have the whole world? We are mind … “Principle of Mentalism (Hermetic Principles), the rest are pathetic attempts to postpone the inevitable ego, or our return Home. As mind, our power is infinite, of course, our ability to make decisions is also unlimited. When you think of your “heart” (hurt, sad, lonely …) you’re referring to the body, but in a very “poetic”, you’re identifying with the body and all those things / conditions that it considers necessary or important to their satisfaction (satisfaction, which is often confused with true happiness) in this case, you think your “happiness” depends arranged on that person’s ideal.

And when that ideal person disappears after a time, or simply not listed, you condemn yourself to be unhappy, because it’d put all your hopes for happiness. The only real purpose of relationships, whether dating, friendship, family, professional or encounter ‘casual’ with a stranger, is to use them to help us achieve an experience of God: to express love should be our only goal … forgiveness is the key.

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Cotton Linen

Satin – satin weave fabric of cotton or chemical fiber. It has a smooth, silky face surface, which is dominated by weft threads, comes in mostly plain, printed and bleached. Used for the manufacture of linen, dresses, shirts, like lining, etc. Bed linen satin – an excellent alternative to more expensive bed linen made of silk. Sateen is usually made of cotton. Strictly speaking, satin – a fabric made using a special weaving spun cotton yarns. The more twisted filament, the brighter the shine. The surface of the fabric, manufactured using satin weave, smooth, shiny, because the threads in which rarely bent.

It was his brilliance, lightness, and tactile sensations like silk satin. One of the advantages of the material in that it is practically not wrinkled. So if you are not veiled day bed cover, choose satin sheets, and then your bedroom will always be neat and smart. Bed linen satin withstand many washings. It is much cheaper than silk, but more expensive than other cotton fabrics. The best varieties of satin handled specially () to make the fabric stronger light. Some varieties are not subjected to mercerization, but only rolled between the hot rollers, turning round wire into flat, which also gives shine, but in this case, the shine disappears with time, and the fabric can not be considered genuine sateen.

Marking '100% Cotton 'on bed linen, made from satin, indicates that the bed linen is made from pure cotton. Cotton will not stick to the body, beating current or glide over the surface of the bed. Satine has good air permeability, good Cool in summer and warm in winter, creating a favorable microclimate. To check out what made your bed linens, enough to pull a thread and set fire to. Synthetic fibers, burning, leave the black smoke, and natural – white.

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Design Houses Settlements

Especially popular in the form of enhancing the private construction, uses the services of design houses. Principles of our work is based on constant contact with the customer to maximize the technical meeting his wishes and requirements. Design houses include a development of technical documentation – drawings and floor plans. The project developed a cottage in the light of utilities – electricity, water supply and sanitation. Designing cottage communities – a service which uses quite a lot of our customers. Enough to come to our office once to make sure that we have great weight, but our clients do not just ask us for help and trust us and respect us. The company "Stroyproekt, as a general contractor and the customer, which can be and you will always find a common denominator of successful cooperation. The same can be said about the construction of cottage settlements, because it is also one of the many services we provide.

As is known, the construction of cottage settlements often held outside the city, because today more and more people seek to escape from the bustle of the city and our company is happy to fulfill your dream. Enjoy clean and fresh air, quiet and beautiful landscape – that is what now wants every second resident of the city, which is why the construction of cottage settlements especially in demand. We know this and are ready to assist in carrying out this type of construction work. You are already slightly higher were able to find a list of all the services we provide to our customers, but we would like to assure you that it is – just strictly a schematic representation of our work, because any service – designing facades buildings or construction of industrial buildings – not only requires a serious approach.

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