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The Preparation

New high-tech materials make it possible largely to create optimal conditions to stay. However, in most cases, arrangements for the euro-repair can be reduced to a purely decorative and structural changes of premises. And here it begins … No account is taken of the old state main walls and ceilings. And if the walls of the apartments have a surface contaminated sites, the bacteria quietly extended to new materials. And it always takes into account the ventilation system apartment? If installed on a windows glazing Excessive heat insulating material may cause disruption of the natural climate. Then we can wait for the fungus. Is the problem so complex ways to solve that do not exist or are not feasible? Judge for yourself.

In the production of decorative work is very important to monitor the quality of raw materials, often it can be stored in warehouses, infected by fungi. Therefore, we recommend adding a small amount of antiseptic substances in the preparation of the solution. The result of finishing can be 100% processing of flat, antiseptic composition, the stabilizing microbiological background space, and not allowing to develop on the surface of the harmful microflora. Of no small importance to the quality of housing and the normal operation facilities are roofing systems. Improving the quality of the concrete roof ties, the use of polymer concrete compositions, together with the widely used effective insulation (rock wool, extruded polystyrene, etc.) and roll send the materials to granulyantami, protecting polymer-bitumen composition of UV light – creates an optimal, long-life system that meets all the most modern requirements. When designing roof systems – processing of wood preservative formulations significantly increases the lifespan of the roof. When erecting walls of brick to a great extent the important role played by warming walls using an effective thermal insulation materials with low coefficient of water absorption and vapor permeability, used in masonry work solutions with additives which reduce the infiltration processes, and the use of compounds that form antisolevye, hydrophobic and anti-fungal filter.

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Palace Park Tsarina

Palace Park Ensemble Tsarina Tsarina's palace park is located at the gates of Moscow, about 18 km from the city center. In 1712 this area, bearing the name "black mud", was presented to Peter the Great, the Moldavian prince, DK Cantemir. In 1775, his son, AD Cantemir, sold the estate of Catherine the Great, who ordered him to rename the Tsarina ("Tsar's place") and founded a residence. Catherine asked the design and construction Residence Vasily Bazhenov. 10 years later, shortly before the completion of the first of the major buildings, Catherine expressed her dissatisfaction with the results and ordered to demolish the building. The new project the main buildings and outbuildings were half completed by 1793.

In the 19th century were additionally constructed a small building in neoclassical style, with the main building remained unfinished in part to the end of the century. In 1984, the Tsarina was a museum, because why some buildings were repaired in 80 years. 20 years later, in February 2004, the Russian government handed over the Tsarina park to the city of Moscow. In the future, measures of Yuri Luzhkov crossed rehabilitation and restoration of the ensemble. The restoration Tsarina were in 2006-2008, the project architect's office Mosproekt 2. Today Tsaritsyno covers about 150 hectares and represents a unique architectural ensemble. Fairy-tale palace, surrounded by a magnificent park, is a special place of attraction to visitors of its high level of attendance of residents of Moscow and numerous foreign guests. Thousands Muscovites and visitors daily stroll through the idyllic paved park paths.

Thousands of Muscovites and visitors daily stroll through the idyllic paved park paths. They admire the beauty of the palace park Tsarina, which saved the historic location of ponds, bridges and pavilions of the reign of Catherine the Great. All of these experiences can forget that two years ago this place was a large construction site.

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The Molecules

A millennia-old habits of mankind, too, must be considered. Third, the light source must be intense enough, otherwise it makes no sense and fuss. And finally, fourthly, the lamp should where possible, be beautiful. Because he, among other things, still adorns the home. So what is with these points of view, our modern light bulb? Antediluvian steam! Its efficiency is just the same as that of the steam engine – 3-6%.

In the process, this meager rate is further minimized. Incandescent tungsten filament "dusty", fading from the surface atoms. Thread becomes thinner, and thus increases its electric resistance. In addition, a pair of tungsten deposited on the walls of the flask. Glass darkens, the emitted luminous flux decreases. What to do? Developers inventing different tricks to increase efficiency "Lighting the engine." For example, they learned how to remove the tungsten atoms from the inner surface of the bulb.

The role of the cleaners took the iodine vapor. Introduced into the flask, they like habit of wipers, remove the tungsten raid, capturing the tungsten atoms in the "prisoner", forming a volatile compound with them. Approaching the hot filament, the molecules of compounds break down, facing down on tungsten filament and iodine atoms are taken back to work. Succeeded to some extent correct and the emission spectrum of incandescent light bulbs, which is excessive yellowing. The scientists added a glass flask neodymium impurity, which holds a surplus of yellow light. Can contribute to this noble cause and you, our readers. Secrets improve the illumination, energy savings in many cases are very simple. Remember at least that's what. 1. In the evening, leaving the room, extinguish the light. In the furniture does not have eyes, and she's not afraid of darkness. 2. The sun shines brighter in 1000 any bulb. So what day it makes more sense to use natural light. Do not make yourself an artificial night with thick curtains. 3. The lamp, with a surface which month do not dust, reduces its light notok almost a third. 4. Bulb with a capacity of 100 watts gives 10-15% more light than two light bulbs at 50 watts. Therefore mnogorozhkovye chandeliers are true eaters electricity.

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Survey Construction

Expertise in building expertise in a general sense – the definition of object of examination of conformity with the requirements. Forensics – proceedings, consisting of research and giving expert opinions on issues whose resolution requires specialized knowledge in science, technology, art or crafts and are presented before the court, the judge, body of inquiry, the person conducting the inquiry, investigator or prosecutor in order to establish the circumstances to be proving a particular case. Non-judicial expertise – as opposed to the judiciary is appointed is not in connection with legal proceedings and the proceedings and performed in non-procedural form. Non-judicial examination can be performed on request of an individual. Expert activities – professionals with the necessary expertise, skills and knowledge aimed at addressing these issues requires knowledge, experience and qualifications. The essence of an independent construction expertise lies in ascertaining the fact of their absence or defects, construction site inspection and / or documentation for compliance with existing rules and regulations, site restoration cost estimate / design, as well as expert recommendations on further action by the project participants. To whom and when they need independent construction expertise? Answers to this question can be set: * in disputes between members of the construction project (an investor, customer, contractor, subcontractor, etc.) * during the trial (pretrial and legal expertise) * when assessing the market value of assets / business; * for an insurance valuation of the property / construction, and * when disputes arise in the operation of facilities; if possible * / of emergency situations, etc. This list can be completed and detail indefinitely because the building process is very versatile, not only at the stages of its life cycle, but also in the process of further exploitation and interaction with the environment. The experts put a variety of tasks: * Survey of technical condition of buildings, structures and utilities to assess the operational status of the object and making decision about the necessity of current and capital repairs, reconstruction or modernization of buildings; * survey of real estate for the purpose of identifying, fixing and determining the cost of removal of defects produced during construction and operation of the facility; * inspection of technical condition of buildings and structures before making decisions about their sale or purchase * to analyze the possibility of redevelopment areas in accordance with current building regulations an example (one-room apartment redevelopment) * definition of the reasons causing structural damage to buildings or structures; * Analysis (prices for construction work) is often carrying out construction expertise is accompanied by an-finding work.

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Friction Paint

As is well known, well-chosen colors can expand the space to create any style of room and give the owner the right mood. Allow us to play the color of paint on the market in such a wide range that long and confused. So today we will touch upon practical considerations when choosing paints, knowing that you dobetes best results – both for design and for the purse. Four Any element of paint comprises four main components that determine its properties. First, a pigment, without which the paint is difficult to name any – he is responsible for the color. The second component – binder, which provides adhesion (cohesive).

Third – filler – determines what will be the color – matte or glossy, giving it a particular reflectivity. The fourth component – Solvent – it depends on the consistency of paint and its coverage. It is from these four independent then how each fits into a particular color are your plans for its use. Of course, the main task paint – to provide the desired shade of the surface on which it is applied. But let's not forget that the paint is still a protective layer, saving the basis of the effect of external influences. The high degree of resistance to Friction can do wet cleaning of floors and walls without dire consequences for their appearance. Usually, reliability indicators paint are specified in the instructions. But here has a little trick nb: do not take one and the same floor paint, walls iotolka, even if you want to paint them in one color. Agree, the degree of mechanical action on the floor and the ceiling is different in a lot of time and, consequently, for the latter you can buy a less expensive paint with a relatively low rate of wear. Water resistance – the second important property of paint material, which is especially important when painting kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

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Construction Of Cottage From A To Z

Before you start building the cottage you need to decide which calls for a vacation home, and from this a start. Conventionally divided into holiday homes country houses, cottages, houses for permanent residence. Usually Cottages are designed for seasonal rates. They also can live in winter. The building can withstand temperatures down to -15 …- 25 C..

During the construction of houses is taken into account architectural appearance of the house of premises of the house. Typically, construction of the cottages is the total area of 100 … 150 m2. The reasons that prompt people to buy the big cities of land and build houses on them, a lot, but the most basic, this is probably desire to spend the summer vacation, a weekend at his cottage. Fresh air is full of flowers and trees. Or a gazebo with their hands in the area – almost the same cottage just on a smaller scale. You can do the construction cottage today.

For rational architectural design solution, coupled with the topography and landscape the site, the cottage will combine the comfort of a city apartment and the natural charm of a country house. Before build your cottage on the subject specialist visits in order to study the soil, topography, availability of utilities and roads. The specialist also provides guidance on location of the cottage and the subsidiary buildings. During the construction of the cottage is not unimportant role played by climatic conditions. They are characterized by temperature and humidity, solar radiation, wind, sleet, geophysical indices. Climatic influences on the specifics of the location of the premises in cabins, determines the choice of construction technology cottage. When you choose a layout of the cottage should be considered quantitative and demographic family composition. According to the standards of the volume of air per person, taking into account the physiological needs of 25-38 cubic meters.

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