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IDEAL Sessions

THE IDEAL figure the novelty of using a next-generation ultrasound machine. We are in a frenetic era. People have less free time. In this context, liposuction has become faster and more effective way to mold the desired body. However, this can be a traumatic operation. The recovery is painful and, in addition, forced to carry a rigorous and constant, diet to avoid the so-called rebound effect, which makes to accumulate more fat which had previously. Liposuction session, or lipo by sessions, has the same advantages as the conventional with regard to the effectiveness but the difference is noticeable, as it minimizes the postoperative period of intervention. It is safer, not brings disorders, and is called upon to change the standards of common cosmetic surgery.

A simple intervention is a much safer process because the intervention has been divided into several operations. Some are used in the lipo by sessions, suction cannulas so fine that the work is detailed and prevents the formation of large oedemas. This makes that, when it comes to operate, the risks are minor, and that very little blood is lost. Indeed, the patient can continue his usual life the next day, without headaches that prevent it. EFFECT permanent while that in a conventional liposuction is extracted from a forty to fifty percent of the fatty tissue in the lipo by sessions is deleted between eighty to eighty-five per cent approximately. The work is precise and thorough; carried out in various areas of the body. It leaves only a small percentage of fat, so small, that what is left does not tend to reproduce.

The result is the enduring that the patient wants. TECHNOLOGY ultrasonic liposuction is practiced in the United States since 1996. It is best that laser, it is not invasive, and its technology outperforms any other machine of today. You want to matenerte updated on topics of beauty, fashion and other things of your interest.

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Grinding Process

Due to the characteristics of high frequency vibration sieve, the final concentrate eliminate the coarse level above + 0 175 mm, and the + 0. 098 mm grain size content is only 0.6%, far lower than the fixed nylon fine sieve s l2. the improvement of Concentrate grade particle size composition, not only improve the concentrate but also reduces the load of circulating, reducing wear, and laid the foundation for the pellet to improve the effect of making the ball, which is the original fixed nylon fine sieve incomparable. Shougang mining vibrating screen replaces the two fixed nylon fine sieve, make the grinding and separation process fully simplified, reducing the two processing operations pump, and the secondary pump motor overload in the beneficiation processes problem has-been solved, finally, we achieve the purpose of simplifying reducing the consumption.Since the late 1970s, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Anshan Mining Company Dagushan Concentrator stage grinding to fine sieve and then grinding to single magnetic separation process, the concentrate grade is 66.50% for the Anshan Iron and Steel, provide quality fine material, this is a great contributed. However, the prominent contradictions of the process is the fine sieve grinding cycle level is big, this people further improve the quality of most production constraints. In fact, the fundamental reason is the low efficiency of fine screening machine. Test, 1, Sec fine sieve screening efficiency of only 12.61 percent, three, Sec fine sieve screening efficiency of only 26 20%; sieve grade is 55 74% 59 72qo – 0.074 mm qualified grain content is 85% level between L,.

Screening efficiency is low, making the three sections of the grinding load increases, Hasta 114.01 t / h; large number of qualified products enter the mill operating fine, cause the product wear excessively and increase energy consumption and material consumption. in recent years, facing the increasingly demanding and increasingly fierce market competition market, Anshan Iron and Steel Company emphases the quality of iron ore concentrate and ball mill, the existing level of quality and yield have been unable to meet market demand. In order to solve this contradiction, Dagushan Concentrator introduction of Lu Kai Technology Co., Ltd in Tangshan has produced the MVS high-frequency electromagnetic vibration vibrating sieve, instead of the original high-frequency vibration nylon fine sieve, formed the fine sieve and then have carried out the grinding process of industrial test. Rock crusher cone: crusher:

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