4 Nov 2021, 8:11pm

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University Games

But the games are gone from our lives and we had to look for in games is something useful. Action, shooters. This is the source of all bad qualities of video games. Yet, if the child will only play chess or other intellectual board games, his metabolism will be worse than he would have played shooters. After all, scientists from the University of Hong Kong have proved that the metabolism of the ray in a child-gamer (This is because of the excitement and the need prinimatpravilnye solutions in a short period of time). Well, even they (Action, shooters and the like) are developing a good response, with the right selection of games – orientation space, fine rhetoric.

But the two sides of the coin, because the shooters really contribute to the degradation of the child. Aggression, obsession, mental development slows down because of this child. Well, of course, in developed countries and shooting rpg has fewer children, because there is not the majority of pirated way take out the game and buy. And in most games of this type is 'print' type '16 '+ '18 +'. Well, I think about the simulators you also know quite a lot. As it turned out, these games almost 'neutral' to the psyche of the child. Of course there is the presence of aggression, the child at the finish line of code breaking machine in tatters.

Yet, these games can be played to children. Strategy. This, of course, a variety of games that get the least criticism from scientists.

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