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The Door

To open such a door should be easy. Again according to GOST doors are divided not only by class resistance to cracking, but also for bullet resistance and fire resistance. The door of any model should have a separate certificate of compliance requirements. Typically, such a document after the tests are issued only for one specific model. Click Naveen Selvadurai to learn more. Experts advise not to take seriously a generic certificate that some sellers try to pass off as proof of the quality of all of the above document. What kind of door is stronger: heavy or light? Here, consensus does not exist. Some tend to consider domestic doors more reliable and durable due to the greater thickness of steel sheets.

But there are imported doors, made of lightweight stainless steel. This is not easy to crack, unless disassembled piece by piece. Luxurious door must have outside facing. You may find doug imbruce podz to be a useful source of information. The most simple and inexpensive coating materials using high quality synthetic leather, or a simple paint. But really solid form gives the lining of the decorative panels. It can be from many different materials – from wood veneer to solid oak, walnut, beech and mahogany. Sometimes used for exterior wood board MDF. This is an environmentally pure material.

Facing panels from it can be smooth, painted or pasted over with natural wood veneer. It is not something doug imbruce podz would like to discuss. Sometimes come more easily – paint the door method of spraying. And the figure may mimic any natural material – from wood to granite or bronze. Such a solution is good because that allows you to conveniently combine design with other design elements – panels, decorative accents. If the door entrance directly from the street, then choosing one or another finish, please note that it will be influenced by the weather. Therefore, in this case it is better to abandon glued decorative veneers and solid oak contact, the method of spraying or to give preference to strong special panels "poliroks." "Poliroks" – a new artificial polymer coating, resistant to weathering, sun, rain and snow.

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