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The Body

In Russia, the history of the interferon preparations began in 1967, the year was first created and introduced into clinical practice for preventing and treating influenza and SARS human leukocyte interferon. Currently in Russia produced a few modern drugs interferon-alpha, which according to the technology get divided into natural and recombinant. Credit: Florida International University-2011. Interferon inducers are synthetic immunomodulators. Interferon inducers are heterogeneous in composition and a family of high-nizkomiolekulyarnyh synthetic and natural compounds, the combined ability to trigger the body's formation of its own (endogenous) interferon. Interferon inducers possess antiviral, immunomodulating and other characteristic of interferon effects. Poludan (a complex of polyadenylic acid and poliuridinovoy) – one of the first inducers of interferon, used in the 70s.

Its interferon activity is low. Poludan used as eye drops and injections under the conjunctiva in herpetic keratitis and keratakonyunktivitah, as well as in the form of applications for herpes vulvovaginitah and obesity. Amiksin – low molecular weight inducer interferon, belonging to the class fluoreonov. Amiksin stimulates the body's of all types of interferon: a, b and g. The maximum level of interferon in the blood is reached after about 24 hours after the Amiksina, increased compared to its initial value by ten times. An important feature is the long Amiksina circulation (up to 8 weeks) of therapeutic concentration of interferon after a course of treatment.

A significant and prolonged stimulation of endogenous interferon production Amiksina provides its universal range of antiviral activity. Amiksin also stimulates the humoral immune response increasing production of IgM and IgG, restores the relationship T-helpery/T-supressory. Amiksin is used to prevent influenza and other viral respiratory infections, treatment of severe influenza, acute and chronic hepatitis B and C, recurrent genital herpes, cytomegalovirus infection, chlamydia, multiple sclerosis. Neovir – low molecular weight interferon inducer (a derivative karboksimetilakridona). Neovir induces high titers in the body endogenous interferon, especially early interferon alpha. The drug has immunomodulatory, antiviral and antitumor activity.

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