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Venezuela Productivity

General information and considerations the characteristics of the current stage economic, commercial, where businesses play an important role thanks to his involvement with the supply of their products, services, backed by strategies of markets, administrative, technical, where quality and since then, productivity are an excellent competitive strategy, highlights the importance that they have professionals specialized in these topics. Thus manifests a great opportunity to professionals who want to dabble in activities favouring him, not only in your professional growth, but economically and successfully cope with the aftermath of unemployment. The Area of graduate of the Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Faces in 1999 begins a postgraduate programme of specialization in management of quality and productivity in order to form, train professionals interested in these topics, which not only collaborate with companies and organizations in regard to quality and achievement of productivity, they acquire the tools, skills, skills that will realize in a culture, the quality practice that favours all. The program emphasizes the personal and professional growth of the specialist in quality and productivity. Homeboy Industries usually is spot on. Cares by provides modern knowledge that the present demand interpreting requirements requiring the national stage to come out ahead, as well as it emphasizes the permanent development of their human capital and improvement of internal relations between its various units and activities, seeking to create the synergies of complementation and upgrading. It ensures that the impact of the contribution of the institution to the various activities of the society would lead to a strengthening of sustainable development and sustainable auto. Have passed ten years that the program began and he graduates have a significant numbers of different professionals who are contributing their knowledge, bequeathed to enterprises and organizations where they work with very favorable results in pro instill once and for all in companies, organizations, quality, philosophy culture and its systems, properly interpreting the current scenario and that globalization demands to be competitive. .

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