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The Landlord

Do rights and obligations of the lessor and lessee what can landlord if the tenant does not pay? Since this difficult situation is unfortunately often occurs, the landlords be given certain rights. Tenants take so a plot of land, an apartment or a business premises, the landlord automatically has a right of lien. The real estate portal myimmo.de explains what it’s all about. First and foremost, this fundamental right is intended to protect the landlord. If it comes to arrears or damage in the residential premises, the landlord entitled to all items in the apartment and can seize them. Is the lease concluded between both parties, is the landlord’s Lien automatically and ends when all things of the lessee of the land were cleared. Of course, this must be done under consent or knowledge of the owner. So can permanently installed items belonging to the lessee, only with knowledge of the lessor and without whose opposition again be removed.

If there is no consent for this purpose on the part of the landlord, the tenant the landlord must leave his subjects. What sounds pretty scary for the page of the tenant, is a necessary safeguard for the landlord. In the best case, the landlord’s Lien is of course never applied. More information: news.myimmo.de/vermieterpfandrecht/9034.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann


It must be not always the complex solution if a compact settlement of operating costs, or costs should be. Rather, a simple and practical solution is required. It is a very easy to use operating expenses or incidental expenses accounting under Excel. No complex new system has to be learned. Rather, most users already know the solution often used from the practice. The template really confined the really essential.

Anyone looking for a simple solution in terms of operating expenses for a property or a rental property, find the appropriate application. All these demands are met by our operating expenses and sometimes even far exceeded. The current template requires only a full version of MS Excel on the concerned computer. In most cases, the powerful spreadsheet from Microsoft is already installed. All major versions are supported by Excel. Of course running the software including OpenOffice, which free of charge can be purchased over the Internet.

The template in detail: Integrated management of tenant (new) aligned for multiple units. The number of residential and business units is individually selectable integrated creation of heating bills for different types of energy (new) (new). The user himself determines for what period of time the calculation should be created, also a settlement for a few days, or months is possible. A change of tenant within the settlement period can easily take into account are freely selectable individual positions (E.g., types of heating or any ancillary costs) can optionally future advances calculated and fade in and out will it be payments and issued the operating expense balances for the tenant / service charge settlement can be printed easily individual stationery on any very simple handling. No separate installation when the template is necessary commenting functions, extensive documentation in. If Excel or a similar solution is already on the relevant Computers are, must be charged only the current template. The software is immediately ready for use. Here, the relevant data of the respective units must be entered only once. These are then automatically when any required billing. Who wants to take a picture of the current operating expenses, will be under betriebskosten.html for more information. Here the software directly via download can be obtained

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