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Brazilian Literature

Paim (2005) says that ' ' Slvio Romero would go to eliminate the antithesis between culture and nature to reduce the first one to the last one and to give to the inquiry character mere cientfico' '. Thus, the sociological boarding of Slvio Romero, seno exclua, subordinated the evolution of the Brazilian culture the natural factors, as race and way (PAIM, 2005; CNDIDO, 2006). Slvio Romero recognizes the importance of the Brazilian culture, even so it understood that the way and the biological disposal geographic them ' ' raas' ' they were the great limiting mobiles of the formation and development of the Brazilian nation, marking its singularity for so drawn out and intense miscegenation. As consequence, it prepared the sociological method would guide that it in its literary studies. The sociological analysis of Slvio Romero if processed by means of the multicriteria appropriation and gradual of ideas, whose inaugural source, certainly, was the positivismo of Comte, but that if they had soon accumulated when, in part, of positivista nature they had given place to the evolucionistas and, finally, without they indicated an exculpatory option in relation to the previous ones, made use of the ideas of Le Play, over all with respect to monographic method and to the scientific valuation of observed cultural elements of daily the social one. They had been to it these determinative ideas to enveredar its sociology for the literary field, where also the more spontaneous cultural manifestations of the Brazilian society are incarnate. Thus, with the publication of History of Brazilian Literature, Silvio Romero became one of the first ones to develop specific studies in the field of the Sociology of the Culture, but pioneering in the one of the Sociology of Literature (poetries, stories, romances etc.). Conclusion Slvio Romero was a coherent social thinker with its intention to construct a general theory on Brazil, abandoning of public part of the comteano Positivismo and becoming, not without ostentation, adept of the Evolucionismo de Spencer, it still came to be the first one to divulge leplayana sociology in Brazil. Marlon brando understands that this is vital information.

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Charles Taylor

Taylor already approaches the bem-estarismo concept, that is, the culture of the bem-estarismo, where everything is justified under the allegation ' ' it supplies-bondosa' ' of general well-being, that can be understood as a characteristic of the utilitarismo. The first form of utilitarismo alerted for the Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor is the conseqencialismo. This nothing more is that the act of if placing the purposes above of all the things, annulling itself it legitimacy of the ways; above even though the ethical universality. Ironically, the same and only ethics that guarantee the freedom politics of the conseqencialista to say what it thinks. Soon, in last analysis, to be a conseqencialista is not to import itself with the right of being a conseqencialista. It is clearly that as public personalities and well-informed, the conseqencialistas know of the risk. For cynicism, they dissimulate not to know.

The second form of utilitarismo proper is estimated the utilitarian one. For Taylor the utilitarian estimated one is an illness that takes gen of the conseqencialismo the same. third symptom of the utilitarismo is the atomism. ' ' The atomism is treated on the utilities to be weighed in the states of things is of indivduos.' ' This, paved in philosophical roots, aims at exclusively the individual goods, that is, all it is formed by the parts. Without parts it does not have all. Thus, the society is formed by the men. Without living well previously established of each man the society if he ruins, therefore the man is ' ' tomo' ' of the society. In accordance with Taylor, is entered there in the following problem. The individuals logically contribute with the thought of one determined nation or region. But the structure of such thought exists immersed in one ' ' cloth of fundo' ' social, stuffed of meanings and verbal terms constructed by all a collective cultural process.

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However, using a stick, the monkey immediately cease to perceive it as a weapon could be thrown or breaking it, and at other times in the same situation again, would act by trial and error. The man in the minds fixed the need to maintain the tool. Then, in case it is lost, he will like it. Then he will improve a weapon in relation to the purpose of, share acquired skills with others, etc. This description is sketchy, but it gives an idea of how, in the course of substantive work in human form memory, motivational sphere, as well as visual-effective thinking begins to develop visual-figurative and abstract thinking, ie, the most important mental processes from the sphere of consciousness. Another important factor in the development of consciousness is the formation and development of language.

It With language, there was a fundamental change in the reflectivity of the person. Becomes possible reflection of reality in the human brain not only in the form of images, but also in verbal form. This allows us to plan their action, because, in terms only way, it is extremely difficult. With language, the person receives the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with others. New generations are in concentrated form to gain experience earlier. The man has a chance to acquire knowledge of such phenomena with which he personally has never met. Summarizing the above-described interaction of human consciousness, its activities and language, we can distinguish the stage development of consciousness. 1. The initial stage when consciousness exists only in the form of a mental image that opens the subject of the world around him.

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Jean Paul Sartre

Such element is verifiable for the fact of that if I destroy the other with the inherent will in my ego will not have the possibility to have a shock of ideas. If not to exist the other will not exist conflict and, therefore it will not have personal growth. To choose to verwhelm the humanity so that a truth only prevails is good sense lack, is a madness. is therefore that all state dictatorship it is predestinold to perpetual the failure. The intersubjetividade is the way for the integral construction of the being. is only for saw of it that it has the possibility of growth and development.

Thus it defines the French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre the importance of the interpersonal relationships: ' ' To get a truth any on me, necessary is that I pass for the other. The other is indispensable my existence, as, by the way, to the knowledge that I have of me. In these conditions, the discovery of my privacy discovers me at the same time the other as a freedom dispatches by post in face of me, that nothing it thinks, and nothing wants seno the favor or against me. Thus we discover immediately a world the one that we will call the intersubjetividade, and is in this world that the man decides on what it is me what they are outros.' ' (SARTRE, 1973, p 22). Possibility does not exist, singular responsibility more beautiful that is, because it is that she guarantees a wiser and cautious existence in this world. The conscience, the commitments are the keys for existence of the being.

They are important why they become in them more ripened in relation objects, beings our return and also proper we. The worse one for many people is to have that to coexist the unexpected ones. The imprevisibilidade of the future is the nightmare of the humanity.

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