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Solar System

We alert that the maximum that can occur, is that the scientist will go to discover that possesss unknown relatives; To believe in GOD is not seita religion or. Religions and seitas are organizations created for the man and the woman, with determined objective who we do not fit to characterize or to judge. As all the organization human being it possesss defects and never she will be perfect, in such a way it only serves you you to reach your objectives, and if thus she will not be for nothing serve. GOD not deferred payment in churches or temples, or deferred payment in your heart or not deferred payment in place some, and to synthecize, you only obtain to speak with GOD with love in your heart, you will be taken care of (a) there. LUMINARES In the Chapter 1 of the Bible, Versicle 3 and 4 consists: said God: It has light; had light. saw God who was good the light; made God separation between the light and the darknesses.

In the Chapter 1 of the Bible, Versicle 14 to the 19 consists: said God: It has luminares in expansion of skies, to horaaver separation between the day and the night; they are stop signals and for definitive times and days and years; is for luminares in the expansion of skies, to illuminate the land; thus was; made great the two Gods luminares: bigger luminar to govern the day, and lesser luminar to govern the night; made the stars; put them to God in the expansion of skies to illuminate the land, and to govern the day and the night, and to make separation between the light and the darknesses; saw God who was good. was the afternoon and manhora, the day room. Sun (of the Latin sun, 11 solis ) is the central star of the Solar System.

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