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RAM Internet

As the virus gets on my computer? Options set: You download the file from the Internet. The site from which you get it written, it is necessary for you to program, and as a result there may contain a virus (or your program is infected with the virus) You receive e @ mail or post through ICQ with an attached file. The fact that many viruses infecting your computer starts to send to your contacts. And you may not even know about it. With the removable media. For example, you insert the flash drive into your computer.

On disc containing the virus, and it is automatically activated. Never noticed that if you insert a CD into the computer with the game, the game itself will offer to install. There is just as well, just put, is a virus and will not ask. Through a network. If you have a vulnerable program, the virus from the infected computer to the Internet can get on your computer. What to do if your computer is infected with a virus? First you need to determine whether this is true signs of infecting your computer are: Displays unwanted messages, pictures, etc. The output of unwanted signals computer Start any program without your participation. With the emergence of Firewall'a requests from unknown programs for Internet access Send e-mail from you without your knowledge (as with your ICQ messages can be sent and copies of the virus) Frequent freezes or crashes (although this may happen and not only because of the virus) Slow work programs, or computer in general (eg if the virus is "littered" RAM) The disappearance of the files or directories or the distortion of their contents (for example, the appearance of executable files with the name of the folder in which they appear) Internet browser behaves "inadequate" (for example, when entering on any site you find yourself constantly on the other) Inability to boot your computer if you sure that the virus on your computer is then do the following items: Disconnect the computer from the Internet and local networks Remove all removable media (flash drives etc).

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