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MTV Europe Award

Amaral razed in 2002 with awards in almost all musical categories: MTV Europe Award to the best Spanish group, Ondas Award for best song from their new album, without you am nothing; nomination for the Latin Grammy as best album, Woman award to the best Spanish group, and gold and platinum records by this latest production. In postmodern society all cutting-edge technologies: .the biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, information technology, audiovisual media, marketing and the advertising converge in a communication which becomes a single voice. related topic. To what extent is the immense volume of information circulating at present generator of meaning for people? Says M. Horkheimer atrophy of the imagination and spontaneity of the current cultural consumer does not need to be reduced to psychological mechanisms. The same products, starting with the cinema, following by music paralyze, objectively such faculties by its own Constitution. Obviously the youth, perhaps because it is in the delicate process of training and experience that will help them distinguish or not, are exposed to a sinuous deception that especially arrives via the language that dominates today’s environmental culture. Youth today represent half of the world’s population; It has a huge potential as consumers and is a way to transform the ethical values of society. All this makes them sought-after prey that would replace the ethical order by other despersonalizadores values.

A youth so very manipulated. And hence the dangerousness of the text of this song should remember that the song has been widely awarded according to the citation below the fragment of the song… Let us hope that it has not only been by the letter, although this (the semantic content) reaching our cognitive system (phonological content) Lasch (1983) music better this same does not represent a strengthening of the self but a strategy of survival to social economic and political crises. Individuals invest their efforts in yes same. Celina Dubin, New York City understands that this is vital information.

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