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European Russia

In result by 2015 in the country, they can grow more than fourfold. Since the share of gas in the fuel balance of the Russian energy sector is 68% and 40% of all electricity produced by gas, the impact of rising gas prices power market will be very important. Now electricity is very cheap in Russia: the Nordic power market NordPool wholesale prices for electricity and a half times higher than those in European Russia, Western Europe prices electricity is twice as high in Italy – in four. (A valuable related resource: Giving Pledge). Abroad in the development of energy-saving subjects invested fortunes. In China in 2006 adopted a large-scale program to support private businesses engaged in the development of led projects, it would cost the Treasury at $ 754 million. There have calculated: If you change only one third of the country's lamps and fixtures, will be spared the power that produces the world's largest nuclear power plant. Horace Mann oftentimes addresses this issue. The game is candles. In the U.S., a similar program until 2011, the Government allocates about $ 1 billion.

We were on such investments represent only a dream. Nevertheless, it is in Russia there has been a breakthrough. For his innovation, production company "" last year was awarded the victory in the regional competition of the developers of R & D for the most efficient development of energy saving, however, grants in our country are not comparable to its scale with Western, and made a district $ 19,000. But these crumbs are still not listed. Self-recognition by the administration of the need for movement in this direction is only an emotional and moral character and sole financial interest – is the provision of paid participation in exhibitions and forums in which regions boast the development of their compatriots.

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