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Brazilian Scientific

If they lost thus in that infortunada late, thousand of hours of work it more searches and varied notations on its inventos ones. Priest Robert at that accurate moment concluded that to its redor he was surrounded by enemies of Science. of this moment in had ahead appeared the requintados compliments for it: insane person, sorcerer, whom part with the demon would have, Esprita. Thus Foot. Robert passes to be seen by an ignorant population as ' ' herege' ' , ' ' impostor' ' , ' ' wizard perigoso' ' ' ' priest renegado' ' for its experiments involving transmissions of radio in So Paulo, paid with suffering, isolation and indifference its position of absolute scientific vanguardismo. But the Foot. Landell de Moura was not shaken and started to remake its laboratory and in the year of 1900, it obtained a Brazilian patent, of number 3279, ' ' For an appropriate device the transmission of the long-distance word, with or without wires, through the space, of the land and gua' '. 23 For the complete lack of support that the Foot.

Landell de Moura had at this time of the authorities and the agencies scientific it decided to donate its inventos to the British government, parents of its grandfathers. He directed thus a letter to Mr. Lupton, representative of the British Government after to have demonstrated its inventos. Many had been the devices imagined for the Foot. Robert Landell, with the purpose to demonstrate the unknown laws in part for the scientific world, and that they had been discovered with the study of the propagation of the sound, the light and the electricity, through the space of the land and the watery element. However the Foot. Landel having lack of resources and to find good mechanics of its confidence, presented only five device namely: ' ' Telauxifono' ' , (considered the fifth essence of the telephony with wires making possible the vigor and the clarity of the voice the great distances, having as capacity to catch and to transmit all the sounds of the instruments of an orchestra and the sung voices, the American scientists not yet had obtained such exploit); ' ' Caleofono' ' , ' ' Anematofono' ' , ' ' the Teletiton' ' ' ' Edifono' ' all deduced, with as many corollaries, of above-mentioned laws.

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