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Brazilian Literature

Paim (2005) says that ' ' Slvio Romero would go to eliminate the antithesis between culture and nature to reduce the first one to the last one and to give to the inquiry character mere cientfico' '. Thus, the sociological boarding of Slvio Romero, seno exclua, subordinated the evolution of the Brazilian culture the natural factors, as race and way (PAIM, 2005; CNDIDO, 2006). Slvio Romero recognizes the importance of the Brazilian culture, even so it understood that the way and the biological disposal geographic them ' ' raas' ' they were the great limiting mobiles of the formation and development of the Brazilian nation, marking its singularity for so drawn out and intense miscegenation. As consequence, it prepared the sociological method would guide that it in its literary studies. The sociological analysis of Slvio Romero if processed by means of the multicriteria appropriation and gradual of ideas, whose inaugural source, certainly, was the positivismo of Comte, but that if they had soon accumulated when, in part, of positivista nature they had given place to the evolucionistas and, finally, without they indicated an exculpatory option in relation to the previous ones, made use of the ideas of Le Play, over all with respect to monographic method and to the scientific valuation of observed cultural elements of daily the social one. They had been to it these determinative ideas to enveredar its sociology for the literary field, where also the more spontaneous cultural manifestations of the Brazilian society are incarnate. Thus, with the publication of History of Brazilian Literature, Silvio Romero became one of the first ones to develop specific studies in the field of the Sociology of the Culture, but pioneering in the one of the Sociology of Literature (poetries, stories, romances etc.). Conclusion Slvio Romero was a coherent social thinker with its intention to construct a general theory on Brazil, abandoning of public part of the comteano Positivismo and becoming, not without ostentation, adept of the Evolucionismo de Spencer, it still came to be the first one to divulge leplayana sociology in Brazil. Marlon brando understands that this is vital information.

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