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Graphic Design

Months later I was taken by surprise at my house the daughter of the deceased mother and a friend I called directly, used to call me every night in your sleep ritual to talk about the making and unmaking laugh every day and pretty, her eyes watery visit , faces dismayed, frightened and friendly speeches was simply to confirm what they already knew and asking me if I was going to call them because they would lack many wept, his pain was real, which had a hard time deciding to go looking for and more my home and I had a hard time not allowing me to comfort them and try to do, the way he knew they would understand, who see things differently, I thought it deserved and that they would realize that alone was worth more everything else , which actually outweigh the facts and the feelings of prejudice and intolerance. But not, dismissed the 15 minutes and I totally dejected totally surprised by the fact that everyone sings is now playing his life with what he thinks of what he taught, and walk always as definitive, so determined to purify They left my home that night with deep regret but with firmness the one who thinks it’s the right thing even if it hurts. The sentence that I set before hanging up the phone in Morelia came to challenge me in the face a few years later, when the love of his life died in an accident, interrupting a party with fellow theater, about 11 pm, I received a call from a mutual friend inform in silence my tears were shed and I was surprised one morning the sad Nations o79 October in the city of Puebla. BA in Graphic Design. He has made many professional jobs in design, photography, documentary production, art direction in short, etc. His true passion: the theater currently resides in Buenos Aires living of it, the art itself as a way of thinking and living.

He has painted since age 12 and writing. that he does not remember that..

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