16 Nov 2021, 11:12am

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Before hiring the design and development of your website is important to know that you actually offer. Ignorance of this can result in having a website that does not achieve the goal you want, you do not provide any return on their investment and have or not have it exactly the same. Understanding that the goal of a website is to sell and attract new customers, we must know the alternatives we have and choose the one that suits our goals, we can not forget that and the simple fact that there is not enough. Design your site to the extent: Basically its Web site is designed exclusively for you and your information. Is created from scratch and this will allow a better graphic identity, web design more accurate and can truly nourish ideas and get a web page that is literally made to your liking. Development with predesigned templates: The website of an existing design, usually in the public domain, or sold in some portals. This means that the essence of its website will be equal to that of many others.

These pages will only be personalized, putting your logo, changing the name to the buttons and adding or removing a pair of images. Their growth can be seriously limited because its structure is already defined for generic needs. Development with CMS or content management: There are many content management systems and are currently being used to make web pages. But we must understand that these systems are for large amounts of content, where the design does not matter much, if not the handling of information. An informational website developed in this way will be poor and unattractive.

An important point is that if you change your provider, you can not be sure their website, as these are stored on a database for the operator to use. What is ideal to start? Although the most economical option may be a template or CMS when we started we need to do and undo our page to reach our goal, so it is not recommend starting templates in any case. And only use a CMS if you have a truly high flow of information. Otherwise the ideal and that may help you attract new customers is a website made to measure. In no sites made available through pre-designed templates, because we know its limitations and we want to offer the best to our customers. Similarly, the use of CMS conducted only upon request of the customer needs so require. We understand that a website does not sell, will always be a cost to our customers and eventually lose. We hope this information is helpful to the success of their Internet presence.

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