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User Experience Design

Fraunhofer IAO presents a new method to design the user experience one of the most important features of outstanding products and interactive systems a positive user experience (UX) is uncontroversial. While established approaches of usability engineering focus on ease of use, involves a positive use experience in user experience. This also be taken into account all the facets of the emotional experience before and then the interaction with a product. While usability is clearly defined, there is in practice still too few validated measurement criteria and design notes for user experience. With the UXellence method approach, the Fraunhofer IAO closes this gap. UXellence provides the systematic fulfilment of basic human needs, such as for example after commitment and competence in the center of the design and development of attractive products.

So products be equipped specifically with the characteristics, which cause sustained positive emotions in users. It is not something Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention would like to discuss. Affect the positive experiences of interaction in turn setting and behaviors of users. To motivate further and intensive use such as joy – and literacy experiences and increase the binding of the product and the brand. The innovative UXellence – method UX concept testing “allows very early and reliably to raise the needs crucial for a product and contextual factors. With her, the potential of a product idea for a positive user experience is already determined by sketches or first concepts. In the field phase, the participants imagine the use of the product concept in concrete situations of everyday life. These experiences with the fictitious product are documented and analyzed in a final interview session. It identified real use events and situations, as well as related needs of Fraunhofer experts. Source Financial Advisors oftentimes addresses this issue.

A major advantage of this open approach is that several approaches for further development of the concept are collected, which really mean something to the targeted audience. In addition, can in the Comparison to later evaluations with prototypes wrong development paths and unnecessary costs can be avoided. The UX concept testing, developed at the Fraunhofer is based on the latest scientific findings and has already proven itself in projects with partners from the economy. It is evident that the UX concept testing effectively supports the process of product by assessed alternative approaches with regard to their attractiveness and generates completely new promising product ideas. In addition, Fraunhofer experts on the basis of the evaluation can give specific instructions for an optimal design of the recommended product features. More information: Fraunhofer IAO Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

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