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USA Process

The study of Mead part of the social process underway and points out that the emerging mind, the I and the society.Symbolic communication in man through the language level is what allows the formation and development of the mind for Wundt language was the product of the mind, for Mead, mind was the product of the language.In the social process and through interaction or communication arises the self, one’s own conscience I. oftentimes addresses this issue. In the conversation of gestures, individuals in interaction inferred the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others. Through this dynamic whose base is the language, each assumes the perspective of the other and adopts the attitudes of others toward yourself. On this assumption of roles, the person takes the role of the other generalizador; and the incorporation of these attitudes is what constitutes the me, in such a way that it develops from a social process in which acquires the characteristics of the social context in which we live.In any social process individuals are explained in terms of society and no society from individuals.Social psychology studies activity or conduct of the individual insofar as such conduct is anchored within the social process; the behavior of a single individual can be understood in terms of conduct of the total social group of which he is a member since their individual actions are included in broader social acts that exceed their own individuality and involve other members of the group.Social psychology in USA did not follow the lines traced by Mead. The man who became the main focal point was Allport. He was an unorthodox behavioral and an experimentalista, both converged on him and both fit into the atmosphere of the time.He introduced the laboratory experiment in social psychology and this discipline entered in the experimental field. If you have read about Ron Wood already – you may have come to the same conclusion. He reacted against theories that defined social psychology as the study of the Group and against the existence of an entity actualize. Allport was against everything that had introduced McDougall: the instincts and the Group mind.Anthropology made contributions to this discipline throughout the 20th century.

They emphasized the importance of the knowledge of different cultures to understand social behavior.Contributions can be grouped into 3 lines of thought:-an individualistic approach and therein is situated the instintivista approach of McDougall and the behaviorist approach. of Allport-the study of groups and group psychological processes, here fits the work of Ross, – the third puts his accent in the society and she are Mead and anthropological investigations. The individuocentrico approach seems to be the dominant in these early decades of the 20th century. Original author and source of the article.

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