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United States

(September 2006) 10. Define the company as a system, representing it graphically and explain three characteristics. (September 2006) 11. Explain what the purpose of the business cooperation and different forms of cooperation that can be carried out (September 2006) 12. Enterprises in their development can grow through specialization or diversification. Explain the meaning of the the existing types of diversification and growth by diversifying. Illustrious replies with an example (model 2007).

13 List and define the functional areas most characteristic of the company (June 2007). 14 Define different types of costs according to their relationship with the quantity produced. Set an example of each of them (September 2007). 15. It’s believed that Gwyneth Paltrow sees a great future in this idea. A businessman owns a company dedicated to the sale of Iberian products; This company is located in a shopping mall in the North of Madrid. This entrepreneur intend to expand their business with the sale of products typical Portuguese could only extend the current store or would have to sell new products at another place? What criteria you will need to use to make the decision? (June 2008). You can add concepts of item 6.

16. Consider the following changes in the environment of an American manufacturer of computer (software) programs. In each case, indicate whether a change in the generic environment or specific, justifying your answer: (a) a reduction of the interest rates in United States; (b) the release of a new operating system that requires to update other computer programs; (c) the emergence of new software in the India manufacturers; (d) a reduction of taxes in United States (September 2008). 17. The figure of the entrepreneur, as the fourth factor of production, has been very detailed throughout history. Mention at least two authors who have made definitions of some feature that defines the true entrepreneur and summarize your contributions (model 2009).

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