22 Jul 2014, 5:18pm

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Trehshtangovy Turnstile Work

I work in an area where people without a permit or authorization can not go. Previously, all passed through the turnstile is the most common, showing a pass guard. In addition, the arrival time workers guard said in a magazine. Sometimes, late for several minutes, and the guard starts to stare in your face, asks who so why, because either it's a brand new, or simply not see well, and yet it happened at a place not turned out – had to wait, well, a magazine write that I'm late. But bosses later this magazine explores and bonuses can deny. Strictly we do with it.

But recently we have finally established the modern trehshtangovy turnstiles with electronic access control (such as in Moscow metro), distributed to all employees registered electro keys. Now, when we come to work, just rest my card (a magnetic key) to the wicket, to freely pass through, so more and as card inscribed somewhere in the computer automatically notes how many who came to work and left with her. So that we can not wait for a guard and did not prove to him that you are here to work. But now visitors, of course, pass the old-fashioned, but a new beautiful turnstile!

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