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The World

Otherwise, the installer can not zapenit any gap, and the customer then get a draft in the apartment. So no need to doubt the installation of windows in winter, as they can be installed at temperatures up to -15 degrees. 3. The best profile in which more cameras. For even more opinions, read materials from Hillary Clinton. It is true that the more cameras in the profile, the better its insulating properties. But in our latitudes, the most acceptable use the three-chamber profile. Setting this if you are, of course, do not live in an area of permafrost, will you just to forget about the cold, drafts and noise.

Thus, in our opinion, to pay more for multilocular profile is simply a waste of money. 4. Plastic windows do not breathe, and because of that, they favor condensation. The most common myth. The whole problem of this is that the vast number of buildings of the Soviet building is designed so that air in the premises is due to small gaps between the wall and windows.

A plastic window is very tight, which means that the room starts to require admission of air and air exchange. To get rid of condensation should be, just do not forget, most often aired. 5. Plastic windows are absolutely not miss the chill in the house and absorb all the street noise. Alas, not even in the world is absolutely warm ups. Windows and doors always give 50% of all heat in the house. True, installing plastic windows, you will get at least double the effective conservation of heat. The same goes for shumopoglascheniya. If you are on the high-frequency sounds get rid of, then the low-frequency, albeit only slightly, but still you will feel. That is, for example, from the powerful roar of traffic or the sound of a jackhammer at 100% you will not get rid. 6. In plastic boxes used vacuum windows.

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