11 Jul 2017, 4:02pm

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The Training Process

The training process is a tool used for the improvement and entrepreneurial training to implement the company must make the first detection needs to know to whom it will apply the training if the company or a department in specific. These needs will be detected by means of questionnaire, interviews, etc. That will make other personnel associated with the lack or deficiency of the organization. The implementing training programs have significant benefits q are of great importance for the company and staff who work in it, the training is very important to have better productivity, to achieve this the staff must perform their activities satisfaction that this will bring benefits to the company and the employee .* The company will have an economic growth * The worker: can develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes, to develop their skills will be most effective for developing efficiency and effectiveness, and when effective in their work is going to do with quality and at the same time will be productive when developing their employee attitudes will be updated, is exceeded, to form and be trained on a voluntary basis, one of the objectives of the training is overcoming staff, giving them the opportunity to develop through a specialty, master's or doctoral degree as the case for personal gain for the worker is being trained will have the opportunity to take a higher level within the organization. To carry out the training there are different ways to implement such as the following: Films Lectures Exhibitions Symposia Slide By: Oscar Sanchez Banos specialty in Student Admin. HR in the UCLAH..