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The Terminator

Charitably called the Control of plant gene expression, the new patent will allow their owners and authorized companies create sterile seeds programmatically selective of the DNA of plants that kill their own embryos. A plant with technology exterminadora or plant Terminator, inserts 3 genes, each with an associated dimmer switch called a promoter. To activate one of these genes is produced a protein called RECOMBINASE, which acts as a molecular scissors. The RECOMBINASE cut a spacer between the toxin-producing gene and its promoter. While the spacer acts as insurance to prevent the gene for the toxin is activated. A third gen has been designed to produce a repressor that prevents the gene from the RECOMBINASE is deactivated until the plant, manipulated with the terminator technology is exposed to a specific external stimulus, such as a chemical compound concrete, thermal shock or osmotic shock.

When the chosen stimulation is applied to seed before its sale, operation of repressor is interrupted. Therefore as there is no repression, the recombinase gene is activated. The recombinase which occurs eliminates the security system of the spacer. Since the developer has been chosen to be activated in the final stages of ripening of the seed, it will only then when it will start the production of the poison that kills the seed. Most used in terminator technology genes are: quote: toxin gene: R.I.P.

(Ribosome inhibiting protein) gene * promoter: L.E.A. (abundant during late embryonic development) * spacer: fragment of DNA flanked by LOX recognition sequences * LA gene RECOMBINASE: CRE/LOX, a promoter bacteriofago.* system: A promoter that can be reprimido.* gene REPRESSOR: System punishable with tetracycline. The result is that the seeds of plants stored after the harvest for future crops will not germinate. THIS HAS BEEN DEVELOPED FOR PATENT REASONS. TO PREVENT THE FARMER TO MULTIPLY HIS SEEDS AND WILL SEE FORCED TO ALWAYS BUY SEEDS TO THE U.S.

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