5 Oct 2012, 7:35pm

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The Screen

If two opposite edges of the screen locked Tube and bar, the edges remain free, to keep the flat complex. After numerous folding edges inexpensive screen may be slightly stretched and take the wave shape. Stretch 'stretched' so easy mobile web Tube is more complex than in fixed configurations. If allows the interior of the premises, then the best solution would be to establish 'permanent' screen – which is not removed or minimized. The canvas of the screen is stretched on a special frame, which guarantees absolute flatness and tightness throughout the life cycle. A variety of designs, materials and colors of the frame will fit a screen in any room. Rear projection screen so in most cases be the only possible solution. In addition to the usual direction of projection, all direct projection when the projector and the audience are located on one side of the screen, use the reverse or rear-projection (rear projection).

In a rear projection projector located behind the screen, running up to the light. It is on this principle is the usual projection TVs or the new laser TVs. Choosing the screen, you must consider for any type of projection will be used. If a direct projection screen can be completely opaque and operate in reflection, for rear projection uses a different type of fabric. We can not say that in the second case, a transparent screen – with full transparency, we simply would not have seen it the picture. Qualitative screen for rear projection on the contrary – the darker it looks better.

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