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The Product

Understanding this point is very easy. Increase your referrals (recommended) and your income will increase. To increase the amount of referrals you must work to increase the traffic to your pages from capture or reference, ensuring that traffic is quality. For this you should inquire about the different methods of generating traffic and do it the best way. Among the techniques of marketing or marketing, we have the use of e-mail. Conrad N. Hilton Foundation will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This method, as it can be effective, can be destructive to your business. The use of e-mail should do in a professional, respectful and avoid the use of SPAM.

When I say avoid the SPAM I don’t mean to send emails unless they request you, or without you leaving your data people on a voluntary basis. Even and when they have left you their data voluntarily readers or visitors to your website, always can fall into the practice of sending SPAM, when saturated repetitive emails, with titles up to offensive and irrelevant. This is also SPAM and annoys people. Another very effective way to generate traffic is the use of blogs in combination with articles. Write articles and post them on a blog, in which we have links to the product of Member that we are promoting, it produces a high traffic.

However also here be very professional and give readers, content and quality information and updated that, first, invite them to read and once they have read the articles are predisposed to go to the reference link for the product you’re promoting what could result in a sale and a Commission for you. As a complement to the two previous methods and is very effective, leveraging both the emails and articles to give readers high quality products that will be useful to them, both for their personal use and for your business. But, in practice, it is not as simple because that will depend on several factors involved in conversion rate, factors such as the product price, quality of the pages of sales of the seller, the methods of monitoring the seller and some other factors.

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