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The Printed

We are going well but we want to double our sales what we can do is take and send to print brochures like crazy and trying to distribute them as soon as possible and forget about promoting our business, because we’ve already done the homework! these things happen we have lived with customers who call us in the morning desperate to distribute your advertising in the evening..! You have to plan everything – although in the case of a small business – advise us before you take the first step, there are companies that offer this service for free without any commitment as – Superbuzoneo – thinking in design, size and format of prospectuses, also you can find many professionals searching on Google online graphic arts companies or in yellow pages of your city time .a developed creative design that you like We have to add the advertising message in the brochure, it has to be simple, brief and eye-catching, avoiding messages as we are leaders, the best…Etc much technical information, misleading advertising etc. Never promise anything that we can not meet never at the time that you have made the leaflet, ready to send to print, starts to contact professional mailing companies to carry out the theme of the cast depending on the amount the printers take between 2 to 15 days to deliver you the printed brochures. Decide the areas, days of cast, compare budgets, using common sense to opt for a company or another. Never use tariffs as the only factor to choose the company should know that each company has its working system from planning to control, allocation, monitoring and reporting standards. Tariffs usually depend on general characteristics of the brochure (size, format, weight etc), area of distribution (blocks of houses or villas), here is where comes the importance of supporting standards, longer than a company that stops 100% of the brochures for the basket of advertising and goalkeeper physicist will have rate lower than a company that leaves 3 to 5 brochures.But we want to hire a mailing or depositing our advertising within mailboxes 80% of leaflets distributed in advertising/doorman baskets end up in the trash within few hours do have to rely on the company that promises me 98% delivery to mailboxes in an area with goalkeeper or baskets of advertising? There inaccessible houses, publicists at the entrance of the portals that is very fashionable for some time, because some neighboring communities try to fend off massive welcome advertising by prohibiting the mailing or placing a common mailbox. .

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