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The Media

One of the best ways in which the parties politicians can maintain up to gain popularity is through the media, since these are those who transmit information faster policy towards society, for example the commercial events on television and radio, the journalistic news, the websites of the Government and to the same conferences that politicians give to publicize their progress. It is clear that even within the media we found categories since there are different ways in which the information is provided and is also the different information that is provided. The media have been increasing in power and influence since they are the most viable tool for transmitting information, why it is not surprising that you are now as a key part of the policy. The media tend to be both beneficial and harmful within this branch, since on the one hand they control political institutions and their leaders, made the decision of more transparent decision-making and denounce cases of corruption. Although on the other hand they have gained little by little a not regulated, operated as commercial and corporate power and that it has obtained great influence over elected officials and democratic institutions. If we evaluate all of the above we can see that the power that media has on politics is even more than he believed, and although this power began as an economic interest, the reality is that once they were granted that desire, the power of the media has been increasing until you have total control over the rulers. There are many examples that demonstrate so strong is that power, is clear that these examples are very obvious once the relationship between media and Government, knows that for the majority of society are not so evident.

Some of these examples are advertisements that are passed on television of political parties, although for some single people it is a commercial that was paid to disseminate information, the reality is that it is a commercial in the which, if the political party has association with any mass medium, will talk well of party to sell the image to society. To others, it is not surprising that the media are so well informed of what is happening in the country. Of the foregoing only rescue that this manipulation and execution of power by the media can be beneficial or finish with the policy. Since the amount of information they handle can benefit or harm to the Government. Why the future of Mexico current policy, and many other countries, is in the hands of the media. If a political party does cause a relief against a media this medium may end up with the career of that party, and although he doesn’t do it directly can do so through the harmful information party and allowing spaces in which other political parties attacking the party. But all this is in order that society becomes aware of what is happening within the policy, as mentioned above, those who choose to public images is society, and a good or bad information can decide the opinion of society toward its militants.

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