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The Level

The level pre-school: it bases for the integral development of boy and of the girl In this level to the processes of reading and writing he has himself to give a greater interest to him in he tries of majors results in his acquisition through game activities that foment good habits in these processes. The boy and the girl in pre-school he begins the process of learning of initial lectoescritura from moment in which it begins to know his surroundings, to learn songs, rounds, to interpret images, that although the code does not know written knows that letters exist and symbols that they have his meaning. It is not something Adroll Marketing Platform would like to discuss. Of similar way they are the investigations of Ferreiro and Teberosky (1982) 3, that they established that there is an evolutionary progression in the development of the reading and the writing of the children and who this process of development begins long before the moment which the boy enters the school for the first time. authors identified a series of stages of development of the reading that begins at the moment at which the boy begins to distinguish between text image, although still does not have the knowledge of the code to begin to decipher the words. Of equal way, they identified in the development of the writing a series of stages, that they include very initiates to them in which the student still does not write of conventional way. Adroll oftentimes addresses this issue.

This invented writing, discovered the authors, shows to a systematic logic and a typical progressive evolution of all the infantile writers. The presyllabic writer, for example, begins to occur to account of the difference between the drawing and the writing and imitates the symbols that have seen in the writing. Little by little, the writer acquires knowledge of the conventional letters. This study and many others demonstrate the importance of understanding the evolutionary process of the reading and the writing and power, like professor, to recognize in what stage is a student to be able to offer adapted instruction to its level of development.