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Technology Partner

Payment by credit card offers iclear bound Heidelberg – the shopping and payment on the Internet is always easier and more convenient. So, the fiduciary payment processor involves iclear now also payment via credit card in its processes. As a technology partner for this new service has iclear heidelpay opted for. heidelpay CEO Mirko cover man: we are pleased about the cooperation with iclear. Fiduciary payment processing, like iclear offers, is the right strategy I believe, to make safe online trading and strengthen consumer confidence.” With the spread of online shopping also the location of the payment provider is gaining importance, so Mirko cover man. If a trader needs the support of his partner or a customer needs to be clarified, it is just a difference whether he ends up in an anonymous call center or find a contact person on the spot, taking his problem personally and with a sense of responsibility to themselves. And that is one Strengths of iclear.” Significant advantage when you pay by credit card through iclear: the customer entered his credit card data once and can buy then on his card, without having to share this sensitive data again on the Internet. iClear – Managing Director Michael Sittek: many online shoppers shy away with every purchase over the net to send their personal information as well as account or credit card numbers.

iClear lowers this barrier which prevents evidence some buying, and makes online shopping safer at the same time unlimited iclear warranty. That we work for the technical handling of our credit card services with heidelpay, delighted.” Heidelpay: The Heidelberger Payment GmbH (heidelpay) offers all common payment methods for the epayment ecommerce merchants. The company sees itself as a full service provider in the field of payment and awards as a member service provider (MSP) of VISA and MasterCard acceptance contracts directly to e-tailers. The dealers do not need to additional discussions with a bank. Heidelpay technology is PCI certified. This means that the payment transactions meet the security requirements of VISA and MasterCard and the dealer using the heidelpay technology certification needs no own PCI. Extensive payment risk checks the company ensures all payments through its systems. Open claims passed fully integrated in our collection.

To monitor all claims, heidelpay offers its customers a customer management. The Diakonie or Friendscout24 among the customers of heidelpay other map & Guide, Cineplex, OnVista, e-flights. Managing Director of the Heidelberger payment is Mirko cover man.