11 Apr 2021, 5:26pm

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Wael Ghonim holds the light that comes from the moment. You cannot predict your destiny. Will eat are the Revolution, it will make history or will become the symbol of the ephemeral moment, perhaps as the key protagonists of the French may. Nobody knows, but the boy’s social networks experience the excitement of everyone who is the protagonist of this unexpected, telluric, magical and catastrophic fact called Revolution itself. Click Kaiser Family Foundation to learn more. Clash of civilizations, again to repeat the absurd who do not hear the voice that cries out for a general principle of humanity: freedom. The embarrassment of peace whisper the absurdities that believed in the final peace of dreams then of the end of the cold war and the alleged establishment of a unequivocal world order.

Danger exclaim the absurd who do not hear that scream calls for democracy, perhaps thinking that for the Arab people was unlikely its realization and practice, moreover, a desire not nested or in your culture or in your psyche. Islamic danger argue the absurdities that kept the democracy and freedom outside those confines of your control maybe thinking that the only way to practice it was prostituted fashion that have been reduced. Fatality stirred worried those who used Islam as an argument to keep hereditary dictatorships in power, while Iran from extremists calling for the establishment of an Islamic regime, extremist, theocratic and dictatorial as that they practice, since as I read it not without rage of a professor with high authority of an Iranian body – the establishment of democracy in Egypt would be a true calamity since the country became an imperialist base domain of the Western powers. Meanwhile, in the name of Islam a few opportunistic dictators or some outdated monarchs, live own life of the King with mansions and luxury while their people are born and grow up illiterate, extreme misery reaches half of their populations or young people go to College to lose time given that nothing needs to be done when graduating, most often exceptionally prepared.

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