7 Apr 2021, 7:33pm

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As a result, the slightest gas leak, we can feel. Consider the advantages of LPG as Fuel car. Liquefied natural gas – an environmentally friendly type of engine exhaust topliva.V much less harmful substances. WITH less than two times octane gas 100-115, so there is no engine knock. Gas fuel increases engine lifespan almost doubled. Here, Hilton Humanitarian Prize expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The engine that runs on gas cylinders and improved lubrication of piston rings, as the fuel gas does not wash off the oil from their walls and dissolves it reduces its consumption by 10-15%. Improves the function of the ignition system, the service life of the candles.

The cylinder head and piston are subject to a lower carbon formation when the engine is running on gas, reduced oil consumption, longer saved properties of the oil, it is less polluted, so the mileage on the replacement to the replacement of oil can be increased to 13,000 15000km (if synthetic oil). But there are a number of shortcomings car's weight is heavier by about 50kg. In winter have to run on gasoline engine at first, but after heating to switch on gaz.Tak we will increase the life of the aperture in the gearbox. Reduces the amount of usable space in the trunk. Approximately 5-7% reduced power dvigatelya.Mozhno certainly put the earlier ignition, which I did on my car that runs on gas. And one more important, I would say the main drawback, when the installation of gas produced equipment on front-drive cars Vaz – you should regularly check valve clearances. In recent years, many motorists, if this installation of gas equipment in their cars.

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