7 Apr 2021, 11:26pm

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Diario Contestants

And the eye that the contestants have so much guilt, I doubt any of them have put a gun to his chest to act, as they are paraded down the runway of public humiliation, children included. At bottom, though my cynicism distilling critical because server recognizes that during its broadcast chuckled, I laughed so hard having fatal know, because you've laughed at them and not with them, I think that one can not humiliate people in a way so direct. When you see so many pathetic, if you raise you get is what program directors look for really. Do you think if you need real artists, they would cease to eight cuts and the top ten, which previously have been countless private listening. There seems to come directly from the street to the set to make everyone bullshit he pleases and that's it.

It is normal for the grace of the program rests more on the jokes as judges Llcer Sard or after the number, rather than the actions of the contestants. If so, is that something goes wrong and you have to find out what it is. And as for the contestants … I wonder, would not have families who can advise them not to make fools of themselves? If my mother tells me I will sing to the Diario de Patricia's confinement in the garage. For your sake, no doubt. Worst of all is that anything goes, any type of specialty art and even personal skill. That is, if you have the strange ability to peel an orange with toenails do not hesitate to call.

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