2 Nov 2021, 10:18pm

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Dennis Buss

Dennis Buss, who is one of the most promising young politicians, and he also has one of the closest people of Kiev city state administration to the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky will likely soon be dismissed. Reported this to the press the first deputy of the Kiev city state administration Alexander Popov. The first deputy Leonid Chernovetsky Alexander Popov stated this categorically that Denis Bass, not exactly will remain on its position. And even told exactly what Dennis Buss get fired soon, that is, within the next two days. Source: Peter Thiel. Also, the first deputy Leonid Chernovetsky Alexander Popov said that very soon at City Hall will be more layoffs. A member of the Bloc Klichno Andrievsky Dmitry believes that there are many reasons for the dismissal of Denis Bass. Dmitri I.

think that in three years that Denis Bass, the position has not fulfilled its budget plan and socio-economic development. And Denis Bass has a claim even the police. But while the police not to publicize their claims. Denis Bass has worked as deputy mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky since March 2006. At him Mayor put the most responsibility.

17 Feb 2014, 6:12am

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The Future

As they say – if God did not exist, it had to be invented. That's why religion is accompanied by a man since its inception to the present day. Religion – it transformed the horror of death is a vivid manifestation of the indomitable human desires to live forever. And in ancient times and now there exist a great variety of methods of maintaining health and extending human life, some of which have revitalizing a positive effect, while others are completely useless, not to mention such phenomena as satanic rituals, where the victim bleeding and incredibly tortured, allegedly give effect to its tormentors. All this is of little practical significance, because even driving completely healthy lifestyle is still very difficult to extend beyond the active life of more than 20-30 years.

But it is now using achievements of modern science are being developed and will soon become available technologies that support human health at a given level and immensely Spreading beyond its physical existence. And in the future realized one of the wildest dreams of man – to be equal with God, become immortal. It's time to give the names of these technologies: genetic engineering, , nanotechnology, biotechnology deep. All of these technologies in Soon literally tear our current stereotypes, they will provide a breakthrough on many fronts in medicine, too. The study and decoding of the genes of living organisms and humans in particular, is enormous and all at an accelerating rate. When work on deciphering the gene end and will find out what its parts are responsible for what and what influence, then begin wonders.

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