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Internet Resource

It has as a basic element of this resource lifecycle management and occurs in any organization. It is found also in specialized units that manage this resource in intensive form, called units of information. Information resources management, today rather included in the concept of information management, was intended provide mechanisms that would enable the Organization, acquire, produce and transmit, at the lowest possible cost, data and information with a quality, accuracy and topical enough to serve the same objectives, stating the information as an important resource for the fulfilment of the objectives of any organisation. Systems and information networks as tools to process and apply the information arose at this time. Information systems are intended to meet the information needs of its users through the integration of existing organizations in information flows. With technological advances information must be always up-to-date, in a didactic, and dynamic way to everyone with easy access to that information that is which develops the construction of useful knowledge at each time with new processes for teaching – learning and new educational environments.

Well managed technology can and should be an advantage for the company over its competitors, Internet and information systems provide great possibilities for the development of an organization, provided that takes into account what are the resources and needs of it. Information management must contribute with all the innovations that the organization intends to incorporate in a quick and timely manner, and she herself be an innovation. To develop information management, follow the 4 fundamental objectives: maximize the value and benefits arising from the use of the information. Minimizing the cost of acquisition, processing and use of information. To determine responsibilities for the effective, efficient and economic use of the information. Ensuring a continuous supply of information. The information must be managed in a way such that its costs are offset by profits.

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