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Insulation Materials

To date, the foam is about 18% of the construction market of insulation materials (TIM), which suggests that its leading position in the market tim. According to its characteristics it is not much inferior to the main competitors: extruded polystyrene foam and basaltic mineral insulation. But an important indicator is the cost, and here the foam will handicap any tim, which is especially important during a crisis. Manufacturing Styrofoam – is a complex process, observing that you can get the final product – a quality foam, which conforms to all requirements and standards. To date, manufacturers offering production equipment (foam), polystyrene about 15, and each insists that its equipment the best and only with it you can achieve the goals and results. The question is how to make the right choice and not err? Try to understand together. All producers in the Russian market can be divided by the price policy into three classes: Premium grade.

Business class. Economy class. Startapp usually is spot on. Premium class. This includes Equipment manufacturers imported German, Polish, Italian some Chinese, the value of the data sets range from 6-40 million rubles. Benefits include high technology equipment, quality performance, greater productivity, consistent quality of finished products. But there are downsides, first, of course cost, and secondly, the imports are generally not included steam and Steam storage device, as they do not Russified, which will require additional investment in their purchase. Great performance on the one hand it is a plus, but on the other hand, we take the average of the regional center with a population of 0,5-1,0 million., Consumption of insulation, in particular the foam will be about 5-7 tys.m3/mesyats., and the productivity of the average import complex of about 10 tys.m3/mesyats.

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Warehouse Stacker

For efficient operation of any warehouse needs a lot of technique. The most popular type of storage technology is a reach truck. However, the stacker is widespread not only in stock, but also on industrial plants, factories, as well as in stores and shopping malls. Stacker is available techniques, so it can buy any stock, regardless of disposable material. Stacker capable of lifting loads to a considerable height, which can reach 6 feet. Check out financial technology for additional information. So you can use a system of vertical stacking of all cargoes. Such a system helps to save storage space, which is a very important point, because each owner is seeking to use every inch of storage most efficiently. Manage such a device as a stacker is very easy.

For its operation and care of it does not require special knowledge. Stacker can be manual or electric. Hand Stacker is the best option for small warehouses. This stacker is compact in size, allowing it to use in even the most cramped conditions. Electric stackers are divided in turn into an electric lift trucks with lifting forks and self-propelled stackers. Self-propelled electric pallet truck is the most expensive and the most complex device. Naveen Selvadurai gathered all the information. This stacker not only itself raises the load, but can move around the warehouse with significant speed. Propelled Stacker is ideal for most large warehouses with a significant turnover. The operator can walk behind stacker, monitoring his work, or is a special running board, provided by the manufacturer. In some cases, self-propelled electric pallet truck can be equipped with a special booth for the operator and a number of additional options that facilitate the work of loading and unloading of goods.

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Powder Coating: A Modern And Rational

Powder coating – one of the modern technology of surface treatment, which changed views on the technology of applying protective and decorative coatings. If before the liquid paint was the only way to work with most of the surface, the powder coating has opened up new opportunities. Reducing the cost and complexity of work, environmental cleanliness of the process, the creation of high-strength coatings – all of it became available only by powder coating. What is a surface treatment using liquid paints? Firstly, the paint itself is not ready for use. You must prepare it with the organic solvents, which, in turn, emit harmful substances and have a negative impact on the ecological environment and human health. Powder coating does not use such substances. In contrast, dry dye particles simply loaded into a special compartment and affixed to the product surface using a spray.

Powder coating eliminates direct contact with harmful substances and does not cause any fumes. Fairness, it should be noted that the powder coating also has some negative properties – dye particles are harmful to health when inhaled. However, this problem is easily solved with the help of ventilation system, closed chambers staining, as well as the simplest means of individual protection. With regard to the formation of coatings, the powder coating can achieve excellent results in material savings and high speed. Obtained by this method are resistant coating and durability. For example, powder coating has become the best way to create a vandal-proof coatings for processing pipelines for various purposes, and other products subject to damaging external influences. In this case, powder coating only one layer gives approximately the same result as the multi-layered application of traditional materials. At the very process of powder coating processes (including drying) takes several hours, which significantly saves time-consuming.