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IP TV Subscribers

This sector decreased their turnover by 14.2% compared to 2008. However, the predictions for the coming years are highly favorable. The arrival of new devices, as well as the increased use and coverage of fixed and mobile broadband, will have a very positive impact in the video game market and will strongly boost this activity, especially in its online aspect. Thus, according to data from the sector itself, during the first quarter of 2010 the video game market increased 10% over the same period of the previous year. Music the music in digital format 93 million euros turnover in 2009, representing 24% of the total market. The unstoppable digitization of music has led to the emergence and consolidation of business with distribution through Internet models. Also found the potential that have social networks as a vehicle of musical diffusion and the need to exploit these channels to reach consumers.

More than 130,000 concerts were held in Spain during 2009, continuing the trend of previous years and confirming the strength of this format of income within the music market. Around these events generate numerous benefits for the sector: inputs, relay, recordings, sponsorship, merchandising or DVD. Film, video, television and radio, cinema and digital video amounted to 2,337 million euros in 2009 and now account for 57.2% of the total sector. Digital TV, for its part, grows in 2009 31% to 3.265 million euros, 72% of the total of the audiovisual sector. The IP TV Subscribers share rose 13 per cent in 2009, achieving a turnover of 188 million euros.

The development of DTT has supposed an authentic revulsive for the creation and distribution of digital contents sector. DTT coverage was 98.8% of the population in April 2010. Publications of books electronic edition has been very prominent throughout 2009, with an output of 13,250 digital books, hogging 12% of the all of the sub-sector and an increase of 150% in the past four years.

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Key Chains

To maintain in a manner more intercept keys and all in one place the key rings are used, because through these is has the advantage of gathering all keys that are taken through a metal ring, what would be the perfect solution for when you have to manage many keys and to avoid having watered keys come together in a single point through the keyrings. Keychains are usually composed of a metal ring which adds all the keys that you want to, but not only consist of this, in many occasions you add different elements, such as forms made in different materials; What has several purposes; the main is to have an environment that allow more easily locate keys to submit an item of considerable size which will be a reference optical for keys, they will therefore be much more easy to locate when not remember where they left. The other option by which accessories are given in keychains, is that these represent different figures and nice images showing the tastes or interests of a person. The so many key chains on the market, give the option of finding different types of keychains advertising keychains are directed to specific sectors, such as young people, for people of advanced age, keychains for companies, ultimately each type of key chains can adapt to the tastes and the needs that each person has. As you can understand there are many types of keyrings becoming points of great importance in regards to keychains, since with them you can get any type of things the shapes, colors and materials. Keyrings made from acrylic material, which can have many colors and shapes, also inside the accessory made of acrylic can be very easily found plates and different types of images that are of pleasure; There are also key chains with metal fittings, in which different kinds of figures can be found until inscriptions, such as the name of the person, or something which is a reference to the owner, what would be very useful where misplaced keychains since if someone find it with the information that is inscribed on the metal attachment can take place to its owner.

One of the elements is also customary to find with keychains, are different shapes made of plastics or rubbers that allow you to give life to different characters such as the members of the series of the Simpsons, symbols or shields of different hobbies such as brands of cars or different football teams. Such is the importance of the keychains that for some people to see the myriad of possibilities in which comprise these excellent instruments have been taken the task of making collections of key chains. Something as simple keychains is something that almost all people in the world look is as a useful means for the order and grouping of keys or as a means of distraction and representation of the things that he likes to everyone.

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