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Beauty Shop

This dye penetrates into the hair structure and nourishing it from within. If you do not use aggressive cleaning and styling products, "Beauty Shop" guarantees You beautiful healthy hair. The entire range of cosmetics for color-treated hair will be matched by experts for you. Highlighting While both classic and trendy technology, highlights for those women who want to emphasize the natural color of your hair without drastic changes. Many of us in childhood, his hair was blond. With age, the color changes and darkens, but we still continue to feel like blondes.

That recover from a lost "child" color blonde highlights fits perfectly. And, despite the fact that the procedure is long enough – the result of it lasts much longer than any other procedure staining. Highlighting is also an ideal option if you decide to dye your hair first. Stylists our beauty salon will offer you the technique of partial or dyeing balayazh. These procedures are shorter in time, cost less, and the end result is not inferior to the efficiency of the classic highlights. The advantage of highlighting the fact that not all hair is chemically treated, the contrast with natural hair creates a play of color, motion, as if you have the sun always shines. Skin color visually becomes clearer, the structure – more even. In our stores along with highlights you will be offered to shading, ie, the clarified strand introduces color, combined with the most advantageous to your skin and eyes, as if drawing shade, very smooth, soft, as in nature.

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