28 May 2020, 2:56pm

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The Objective

So that if we counted on a reason, an objective, sufficiently powerful that definitively it summons to us and of preference it gets passionate to us, we will count on a strongpoint logical to modify the habits. Inclusively it is probable that the change of habits only comes. Then: Step 1. To begin by the principle. We first need an objective, a goal. In this way it will be more easy to focus.

Our attention will be put in the objective. It is important that this one is attainable and realistic. (If you know clearly one, I recommend that you do not leave it in the head, escrbelo to you) Step 2. To generate a work plan that derives from that objective. We can do one for the week, for example. When counting on a plan it is easier to define what is high-priority and what it is not it. And what must contain that plan of work of the week? A list of tasks, which is the last link of our chain: objective-plan-tasks (I suggest to You you do not leave it in the head, also escrbela) Step 3. To order the tasks of the day.

So that more determinants are high-priority those, those than are in line with our plan of the day and, therefore with our masterful objective. and to leave later for those that perhaps need to be taken care of, including that same day but not necessarily during the most productive hours. And the involuntary distractions? – mail, to messenger, facebook. – calls. – interferences several (unexpected visits, requests noncontemplated, etc.) it will always have imponderable but we can also learn to say to no. That will reduce our margin of distraction still more. How you will see, it is possible to end the distractions or to reduce them to the minimum. And when understanding that what is behind and facilitates them, it is a series of unproductive habits that sabotage our opportunities, turns out attainable to overcome them with approach and much will.

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