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The Terms

This is much more – and ambiguous. The approach via elemental records information about the philosophical questions to get, is misleading. Wittgenstein’s second attempt to solve the philosophical Riddle, the elemental records leads to the so-called language game, which is the focal point in the analysis of the logical investigations. In a broad sense, this term includes all forms of regulated human activities, all human activities associated in any way with language. All language games at the situation ties of language and their operational character prove in a narrower sense. (A valuable related resource: Evan Birnholz).

Remains faithful to his belief that the puzzles of the outdated philosophy resulting from misleading notions about the functioning of language, Wittgenstein, but its design language with the change Language game theory radical. Wittgenstein on numerous individual analyses, which all lead to a critical deconstruction of traditional concepts and beliefs shows that a basic importance to this conception of the language game for the understanding of the classical philosophical issues. At this point, as examples only some thing fields of extensive analyses can be called: be criticized all important theories that take on one way or the other, that the meaning of a Word is set before and independently of the practice of its use; criticized the idea, unless a uniform performance of words, that they all call something or call; criticized is the assumption, let a term clearly or precisely defined by means of the language; criticized, any concept of truth which the terms right and wrong introduces as absolute sizes instead of to see that even these terms such as all are another part of a set, is bound so situational and functional; criticized is the logic because it adheres to the ideal of a perfect, precise language and thus produced their results into an airless room; criticism is any theory on mental, intentional acts (E.g. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation can provide more clarity in the matter. thinking, think, remember, expect, imagine…) builds and it sees as constitutive for the object reference and comprehension of reality. Here too everything within the language moves primarily. The idea is criticized by a subject as the underlying identity-building, lasting through in all consciousness acts pole of subject matter and reality covers.

All these theories, which deconstructs Wittgenstein here, making the black cat in the black room down, simply asserting its existence. This phenomenal not verifiable is not necessary according to Wittgenstein, but if one understands the language game. It is of course unsatisfactory strung just thinking results. Visible should be thus only, which yield compared with the outdated theories of Mind here is: any content of our mental and spiritual ideas is contextual and dependent on environment (Wittgenstein speaks in this connection several times by way of life). Form and content of our mental and spiritual States and orientations are intrinsically interwoven with our verbal and pre-verbal self-restraint and thus significantly relative to environment, so embedded in a specific social environment. There are no truths outside these relativities and relations. Einstein’s theory of relativity applies not only for the material and physical, but also for the soul spiritual world.

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