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Fernando Towers

With the control, playing the ball and looking for spaces, Italy dismasted Spain. It found a freeway behind Iraola and the lateral Criscito was opened. Zurdazo starred powerful it in the wood and a precise one happens only left to the eleven minutes to Montolivo before Squares. With quality it pricked the ball to the network. Without the game ' made in' Spain Spain it did not find the ball, needed speed, intensity and order.

To make matters worse Fernando Towers underwent a cerebral commotion and requested the change. He had to appear Andres Iniesta. To apply the style. With he tried it to the minutes. To the 18 finally Buffon with a firing centered took part of Whistles, the best Spanish. The limitations dnsivas marked Spain.

If it advanced lines it suffered. Only dnsas were five mentioned, were four by injury of Monreal. It forced to I itched to risk. It arrived with muscular annoyances and it held 45 minutes. It appeared Squares, rescuer in a hand by hand before Criscito. Moments later Spain it found an excessive prize to its merits. Fernando Llorente was pushed when he was going to finish off a center from the left flank and the referee did not doubt it. Penalti transformed Xabi Alonso. With its worse face, ' Roja' it arrived at the rest tying, after a new intervention of Squares to firing cruzado of Cassano. The examination complic with the injuries and the few ctivos in dnsa. Of the Forest that measured efforts to avoid annoyances of Real Madrid and Barcelona, had to locate straight to Busquets of lateral by injury of Iraola and Javi Martinez of power station by I itched. Experiments with soda water in a group to which it needed to Sergio Branches, Carles Puyol and Joan Capdevila. They maintained the type as they could. Demanded with the changes before the speed of Balotelli and Pazzini.

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