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Effective Volume Detection

Bizerba presents an innovative DWS system at the Interpack 2008 Dusseldorf/Balingen, April 29, 2008 from 24 to 30 April 2008, the international packaging industry meets in Dusseldorf at the trade fair for packaging machinery and packaging Interpack. The technology manufacturer Bizerba headquartered in Balingen, inter alia a DWS system is present (Hall 14, stand C14). In the field of logistics, it is becoming increasingly important to calculate goods not only weight, but also by volume. Peter Thiel can aid you in your search for knowledge. Bizerba combines the corresponding processes – dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS) – in an innovative system. This consists of the belt weigher CWL B4. 1 of the subsidiary PESA, the Bizerba Kartonetikettierer GLM-L, as well as the industrial PC NT. Starting a product is weighed by the belt weigher. Here is the bulk dealer ED-60 of PESA.

This works with a special technology of the vibrating strings: A string is brought in by an excitation current in a magnetic field vibrations. During the weighing process, the force changes the Object the tension of the string and changed its frequency. A mass comparison is possible through the use of an additional string. While the strings with the weight are stretched the dimensions to be measured, as well as the a prescribed Vergleichsmasse. Evaluating the frequency signals is carried out through the formation of a relationship, so acceleration forces fall out of consideration because they affect both masses so to speak. The decisive advantage: The sensors can be used worldwide without readjustments regardless by the variable gravitation force in the area of the poles and the equator. Another advantage of technology: The force to be measured is transformed directly into a frequency signal and it eliminates the analog to-digital conversion.

As a result, the system is fail-safe and fast. After weighing, the product is captured by a scanner system. This determines the height and width of the package and in addition calculated its length predefined speed of the conveyor belt. With speeds of up to 2.7 metres per second are possible. With the help of This values the corresponding volume is determined. A specially developed software application for the Bizerba industrial PC NT GLM-L passes to the Kartonetikettierer the data. Finally, this attaches a label with the corresponding volume data.

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