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Wedding Photo

Wedding video and wedding photos are similar and complement each other, but a DVD movie does not hang on a wall in a frame, and the picture does not convey the atmosphere of the wedding in so much as a movie. I would advise to take responsibility how to choose the photographer and videographer to choose, because your wedding day does not repeat … Learn more about this topic with the insights from Essex Financial Services. Now I’ll tell where to start trouble with the wedding photos … By the same author: Brad Pitt. a phrase I sometimes hear from their customers, when asked who will work as a photographer at their wedding – ‘we do not need a photographer, we have many friends with cool cameras, they have pofotografiruyut’ I usually ask the newlyweds after the wedding Record disc with the photos that have made the photographer at the wedding, because I often use them when you make a box for CDs and installation. When I filmed the guests bring a disk with Daddy, often mentioned the names of those guests who photographed – ‘Vasya’, ‘Peter’, ‘Tanya’, etc. I reviewing all the files … and can not find nice shots and 5 for registration of their boxes and prefer to use the footage from the wedding video … In all the years that I have been doing video shooting, unfortunately, has not yet been any One exception to this rule …

I regret it, but the newlyweds, I think, regret even more. Please remember – today’s megapixel digital camera (with guests, usually the amateur level) will not replace your work professional photographer! Do not be lazy to find the time before the wedding and see the work of wedding photographers. Ask for a package to show photos from a wedding, but not selected images from a dozen weddings, so it’s easier to evaluate level of the photographer. Choose the one whose work you most enjoy (and not someone who is better on the phone talking to or who is cheaper) and you will not regret it! Also, if you go to the guests at the wedding with a camera, where working professional photographer, but you’re shooting ‘for themselves and for the soul’ and do not believe that you have something out, please, you are asking – please note that you can often interfere when duplicating images the photographer because of his back and let the newlyweds. Also, excessive number of flashbulbs when the ‘amateur’ is going to a few people did not decorate the video, which was withdrawn at this time. Owners of mobile phones, we would also be very asked to use them to their destination, and be sure to disable the registry office! =) Fun you wedding, good memories and excellent photos!

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USSR Armor Edition

Series T-72, manufactured in 1989 in Nizhny Tagil design bureau 'Uralvagonzavod' under the Chief Engineer Vladimir Potkin (first designation of military equipment was "object 188 ', or the T-72BU). If you are not convinced, visit Gwyneth Paltrow. 'Object 188' designed at the same time with much more sophisticated experimental tank facility 187, the same modifications as the T-72. However, soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the implementation of mass creation 'of object 187' had to stop and as the main armored vehicles had been assigned a simple T-72BU, which is denoted as T-90. However, soon many advanced technical solutions 'of object 187' failed to translate into new and promising generation of tanks in Russia. Batch creation began in 1992. In 1992-1996. Plants of the ground forces fired about 120 T-90, then the creation has been frozen and only reopened in 2004. New tanks, in particular, fully equipped with one of the regiments of the 21st Red Banner Order of Suvorov Taganrog Infantry Division SibVO, and to the same division of the 5th Guards Tank Division of the Don (deployed in Buryatia), a battalion of T-90 release of 2004-2006.

Located in Taman Infantry Division. The structure of the T-90 tank reproduces the basic principles of the Soviet Union from the European tanks, for example, 'Abrams', with significant space inside, which increased the size of military equipment, its weight, require the production of a powerful engine, reduced the opportunities for increasing reservations and T-90 appears a high density layout (small zabronevym space), using unconventional methods increased security (reactive armor, KOEP), rocket-cannon arms. The basis of perspective was adopted by Soviet tanks T-72B project UKBTM. Since 1985, it is produced in SPARK with the T-80U, but it differed from the ancient manual scheme Fire Control (FCS). Thus, the production of T-90 was intended to modernize the T-72B to the T-80U for the majority of properties, however, have until recently failed to achieve with regard to handling. At the first T-90 models ('object 188'), together with the MSA 1A45T similar to the T-80, introduced power opto-electronic jamming 'Blind-2', which provides personal protection from a tank located on a huge number of armed forces of the world anti- guided missiles (ATGM) with semi-automatic command guidance complexes such as 'TOW', 'Hot', 'Milan', 'Dragon' and laser homing type 'Maverick', 'Hellfire', 'Copper head' by creating a jamming their guidance . The long-term version of the T-90 implemented in production since 2004, improved in all respects. In particular, as a night sight set a promising second-generation thermal imager "Essa" with a balanced whole field of view adjacent to the main sight and distance-measuring channel, the former cast turret replaced by a solid welded with a gauge of protection up to 950 mm; modified DZ DZ replacement of old items in 4S22 blocks third-generation 4S23, instead of 840-horsepower engine made the 1000-strong Diesel B-92 C2. With the development of a series of expected room for military equipment of the new 1,200-strong diesel V-99 brought into the life of radical measures to reduce the explosion of diesel tanks, shells out autoloader placed in special boxes, which seriously reduced the possibility of undermining; automatic loader itself is covered with additional armor, according to some, put a new regulator of the barrel, which doubled the change-over turret speed and improved accuracy of fire on the move. Project and procurement is very small: by 2015, According to the plan purchase of seven battalion sets (217 cars). In 2007, the Defense Ministry has bought 60 military armored vehicles data (two battalion set) T-90A.

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Euros Real

More than 50 charts, four subjects (ice, tropical, lava, etc.). NPC and millions of real opponents from around the world – the latest technology strimming, fascinating history of the game world. Levels updated with a bunch of quests and missions – each month for each pirate has a chance to win ten thousand (10,000!) Euros. And this treasure is real, not virtual – More than 30 000 guilds – and yet you can not just join someone's guild, if you wish, you can organize your own guild, and become the head of a pirate clan! 6) Deepolis Deepolis – a new three-dimensional browser-based game that will grab you with the first minute. You'll have to dive to a depth of 20 leagues for the passage of missions in different styles.

This game compares favorably with other online games, due to the bulk three-dimensional graphics, a fantastic battle scenes and lots of different possibilities for the players. Immersed in this game you will find that deep calm can be deceiving. Here, at every turn are the bastions of the enemy at any moment on you can attack and capture. Especially intriguing that in these depths hide thousands of real opponents and the players. As for difficulty levels, then begin to exist in Deepolis can any player, including those who still have no idea about the rules. It is rather simple and it is clear from the first minute. The game combines elements of not only underwater battles. You'll have to feel like a scout, marketer and member of a team.