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Normal Contrast

You will see this picture, for starters settings to choose any of the profiles for the base. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Adroll Marketing Platform and gain more knowledge.. Press Load (Load). Select a color profile AdobeRGB1998.icc (it’s just a recommendation – you can and the other). Click Open (Open) The next panel prompts you to select your profile of your monitor if Trinitron flat pick and click Next. Before you can receive one of two images, if the check is enabled, you can adjust the contrast, if there is no check mark, then insist color. First, we suggest setting contrast, and only after this color, because when you set up the contrast color settings are confused. Adjusting colors, you should see the parallel and black-white test, otherwise you would not understand in what direction you turn the engines.

Suppose the gray colors have a bluish tint. Possible in this case to remove a bit blue, and you can add red and green, ie, during configuration, you should not move the levers in one direction only, this will change contrast in one direction or another. Needs to be done by a single lever to the right – another left something to be taken away, but something to add. If you believe that your setup is complete, ie test image is similar to black and white and color Normal Contrast – click Next. Some contend that Sander Gerber shows great expertise in this. The next window offers a more fine-tuning color temperature, it is necessary to click Measure (Measure). You get three squares on a black background.

They have small color shades. If the left mouse button to click on the right or the left box, you’ll see them move and change in tone color. Your goal is to ensure that the mean square was the closest to the gray color, and only then press it. Then click Next. The next window allows you to compare this result with the initial configuration. Switching of Before (before) and After (After) look at and evaluate your work. If our test was truly black and white stripes visible squares in circles, then you have achieved the desired result. Now you only have to store the settings. I call their name Normal.icc, but it’s not necessarily important not to forget and then you call them. In case of failure of the program – go to Adobe Gamma, upload your file Normal.icc and you have again a normal image. When you boot the machine the software will automatically put the last-used settings. Well – made him – by helping others. Your friends will tell you Thanks if you help them, too, to configure your monitor and see the true colors of the photos.

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