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Scientific Method

In Physical Geography the area that adhered quickly and made use of the quantification techniques was the Geomorfologia that had its described and analyzed processes from morfomtricos indices, however geography human being faced divergences of epistemolgica order since some scientists had raised pertinent questionings to the difficulty of the job of the Scientific Method and the quantification to the human phenomena, and the framing of these methods sciences beats, to put soon they had come the answers and as solution geography had started to apply the intrinsic probabilist theoretician comumente. The great numbers of data had compelled the neopositivistas gegrafos to make use of computers and the jobs of models configured in abstractions must give account as the understood elements interact and as they tend to function, another paradigm of new geography is the matrical one one developed technique to correlate an enormous amount of data becoming possible its use in computers, such techniques had been developed by statisticians and had finished enchanting gegrafos it neo positivismo that had started to use in innumerable works, from geography a new programmatical science became there and ahead valued of public agencies fact this that made to understand why incorporated it to the IBGE and made its Brazil diffusion measures, also confirming that the positivismo brought some benefits for geography making possible the quarrel of its metodolgicos philosophical aspects until then never argued thus providing the sprouting of other geographic chains of thought as Geography Radical or Criticizes and the Humanistic one, and although and neopositivista geography it has been the norteadora of the posterior dynamism of disciplines, which reached the level of too much sciences finished suffering varies criticizes comings of gegrafos adepts of Traditional Geography therefore many of them had pointed that they had felt certain difficulty in to assimilate the new techniques having that it linger it the study of the mathematics for use and understanding of the new tools of analyzes geographic what for them if characterized as something frustrating since nor all had obtained to understand the deep changes that geography suffered making use from you criticize new quantitative geography as I exaggerate it of the matematizao and the importance attributed to the methods technician of what to the gotten results, accusing if quantitative gegrafos with being purely tecnicistas, that is, practitioners of ' ' science neutra' ' mentally ill to the ambient problems partner of its parents and its time, Rui Moreira was one of the Gegrafos against the movement that if considered to quantify geography, already Faissol affirmed that neopositivista geography was a species of victim of ' ' terrorism ideolgico' ' terrorism this attributed by the traditional gegrafos, and after fought as much you criticize the quantification today is not had as a research end, but yes an instrument (half) technician for attainment of the results of analyzes of desired data being thus the judgments made for the critics the emotiva defense of the quantificativas techniques had as well as lost completely feeling.

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