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For more than five years the industry of commercial flights came into financial crisis, which has led to dozens of companies dedicated to the sector being in distress to continue acting. Back have been those years where airlines were among companies most luxurious and exclusive world, where its employees were considered some of the best paid and with higher status. And what about the restricted that it was to take a flight, being limited to a few people with enough money to enjoy this privilege. However, everything took a unexpected turn. After several events such as the rise in oil prices, and the widespread fear by taking flights after what happened with the twin towers in New York; Airlines saw the number of passengers began to significantly reduce month after month. The crisis in the sector was swift, and the first companies were in bankruptcy. Front this picture so dark and without output, appeared the flights low cost.

An ingenious solution to a need met poorly by the multinationals of the air routes. And although many people accustomed to traveling with certain status, amenities and privileges; the low cost flights are not a way worthy of scroll, the truth is that they have been the table of salvation for an industry anchored in a past of waste and poor planning. When we talk about low cost flights, we refer to alternatives that focus on a single goal: take over the air to your destination for the lowest possible price. We must recognize that it is just normal for the price of these flights not receive first class treatment, and if you were a frequent traveler, many of the comforts that you were accustomed will be a thing of the past. Certain restrictions are also imposed on travellers in terms of the volume of baggage that may lead, space between the chairs inside the aircraft, or meals during the flight. But not everything is bad news, these restrictions are widely compensated for really low prices, and the security that you will arrive at your destination time. If you’re thinking in give him a chance to low cost flights, the best place where you can start your search is on the internet, more if you have an international credit card, because you can make the payment immediately in just a few seconds. Your first poll results will be better if you live in a capital city, or do not have any problem in you mobilize up to an air terminal where there is coverage by low cost airlines. For your first flight we advise you do it alone or in the company of adults, avoiding bear children because most things need to make them yourself. This does not mean that low-cost trips are unfit for minors, rather, it will be much better if you first learn you just what you must face. Low cost flights, information lowcost flights, get savings on flights, flight low cost

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Today, more people use the services of budget airlines that can offer cheap tickets for domestic or foreign flights. Low cost airlines, which are also called airline discounters or Low-cost airlines Sost, had a major impact on the travel industry. Typically, the cost of air tickets in such companies is much lower than the rest, which means that their services are most popular. At the heart of business such company is a high level of productivity and thus lower costs. With cheap tickets people were able to fly at incredibly low prices compared to traditional carriers. In our days, millions of people can no longer do without airplanes, as they have to save time, and this form of transport allows you to reach your destination in just a few minutes. If you love to travel and often making a business trip, then contact the travel agency 'EuroAsia'. We offer tickets for a low cost airline and the latest offerings in a variety of the world.

Currently, the most popular are the Low Cost airlines, especially in Europe and the USA. However, budget airlines are also in Russia, and Ukraine. Offers and promotions such airlines will allow you to go to the ends of the earth, thus saving on travel expenses. It is also worth add that the main purpose of such companies is competition generally accepted carriers, such as AirFrance, Lufthansa, Aeroflot and Air Slick. In Europe, budget airlines are familiar and commonplace, but in Russia yet new and unexplored. In addition, the budget airlines fly on such routes, which can put even a very small airports in smaller cities. It should be mentioned that the cost of tickets is made up of staff salaries and staff, the cost of production tickets, meals on board, airport taxes and fuel.

These basic components affect the cost of air tickets and make them either expensive or cheap. Cost of the company are different from regular service in the first place saving on all that usually have to pay. Implementation of tickets going through the agent network, with which you can buy a ticket for 6 months prior to departure. Many airlines use the airport, located some distance from the city, allowing them to reduce interest rates on airport charges, which comprise the bulk of the ticket price. In such airport terminals and electronic tickets, so there is no cost to issue paper tickets, and passengers pass through the registration and terminals only with the number of armor and a personal document, which listed only the number of confirm and surname of the passenger. On board are not fed only on request, and do not have to overpay for something you do not want to take. If the advantages of low-cost airlines for you to clear, then call us and we will help you choose or that the company budget. You do not have to worry and waste time searching. All that is required of you – is to select the route and decide on the date of departure, and our managers will help you determine the cost of airfare and choose the most suitable.

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