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Registered Firm

The cost of servicing the real estate utilities in the summer, usually 30-40, and in the winter of 80-90 dollars per month, depending on the type of heating established in a rented apartment (house). You may want to negotiate with the bank to write off the money without further authorization on the basis of the accounts of public utilities. The value of local taxes are different from the local community, as typically range from 10 to 100 Euros per year. As an option we are considering purchasing property or acquiring one – two sites on an individual, or for the purpose of investment, profit and income – Registered in Hungary, a legal person, institution for his assets, the acquisition of this real estate firm and passing them out. Maintenance, production and delivery of reporting zero firm in 2008, stands in Hungary country about 100 euros in the quarter. The highest ratio trudozatratyekonomicheskaya efficiency – the firm, the balance of which is a residential apartment. Pa most data for the 2nd quarter 2008, accounting such firms, with the movement of funds to, utility payments, loan repayment, the advent of the rent is 100 euros per month.

Important information about Hungary. When conducting business in Russia we sometimes resort to replenish working capital by gratuitous or onerous conditional loan from the Founder, who then did not return. BP in the territory when you make donations by the Founder charged 11% duty. If you cancel the debt of losing her daughter – a tax on profits.

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– To finance a substantial investor is desirable, possible options involving mutual fund (s). Ural settlement – is a unique integrated approach that allows to organize a self-sufficient, sustainable, 'intelligent' municipality by 2500 residents in any troubled spot in Russia, including the situation extremely conducive to the optimal solution of problems specific region. Ltd. 'Mathur' formulated and forecasted a society will be in Russia after 25 years in its social composition, and these figures have been built into the project. Land vested in all citizens, the difference is only in the area of the site: municipal – 3 sq.m. (25%), the middle class – 10-15 hectare (70%) and class vip – 25-50 acres (5%).

For these populations are places of employment: – municipal – maintenance settlements, health, education, sports, trade, – the middle class – industrial park, business center, guide the full range of infrastructure in general; – vip class – 'green' office enterprise, technology park, a bank, the administration of the settlement and then at their discretion. In addition to VIP and middle classes emerged a class of 'municipal' – this is missing part of the population necessary for the operation of newly constructed settlements. For economic reasons, this category can not build a separate cottage for his family (sort of) on the basis of what for them designed a special home that can be represented as a multi-storey building, placed on the mountain (hill slope Chaschevitoy 25%). The result was a cascade of house floors slight shift relative to each other in a previous roof floor – a 'green zone' and the next with each municipality, but the total area of 144 m2 emerged: fixed a greenhouse, conservatory and 3 weave zemli.Pri equal wages in the 'settlement of the Urals' and metropolitan residents, this category stabilized, so start working infrastructure – schools, children's tutoring services, relaxation center, technical services – the village comes to life, there is no need to bring every category of people from metropolis and nearby settlements.

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