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Web Designer

I recommend the second option. If, finally, opt for my recommendation something beware: is not the same design to program. What I mean by this is that you have to choose a Web Designer with programming skills. Otherwise, i.e. If you opt for a programmer, you can end up with a flawless page from the technical point of view but with great design and navigation problems. If works technically, but not is appealing and is difficult to navigate, rest assured that your users will not return. Another option you can explore is to use a blog as your page. Advantages: they have a professional appearance, you have a multitude of options to choose from, incorporates the blog page, is free or has minimum costs, they usually have a good positioning in search engines, if you know how to modify it can do almost everything you can think of, etc.

Disadvantages: you need some knowledge to modify them to your liking. 6. Use Flash. This error is a classic. Many people think that, if you use more sophisticated technology, you transmit a more professional image to your visitors. I’m sorry, but this thought is not correct.

To get started, search engines have problems to read pages made with this technology. This means that your page will have a bad positioning in searches related to your category. In addition, connections with less bandwidth capacity will take more to download the animation and it is possible that you agotes the patience of your users. Although this is a problem that increasingly more, disappears with high speed connections, you can still assume a drawback for part of Internet users. On the other hand, keep in mind that the consumption of information on the Internet is different from other media consumption. The network is speed, devouring information and anything that affects this aspect will not be well received.

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