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Technical University

By an individual adjustment of the e3 computer and the extension of company values can that calculation are also refined and provide a real competitive logistics companies.”continue as Fleissner. Is currently the standard of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transport services ‘ discussed in the standardisation body of CEN CEN/TC 320 / WG 10. It aims to unite the international claims. The characteristic quantity of CO2 and especially the global warming potential (recorded as CO2 equivalents) has established itself in as corporate control size. Just in the logistics area, already some customers demand the expulsion of man-made emissions.

Logistics companies that already meet these requirements and communicate values per order, are ready for future regulations. Learn more about the e3 emissions calculator, see de / products_de.html Download datasheet is available under emissions calculator Logistik.pdf. Essex Financial may find this interesting as well. At interested parties can request a live demo or trial license About NADIA the NADIA Institute for energy, ecology and economy in 1999 as a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich founded and provides answers to questions about environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, international standards and climate protection. The NADIA company offers consulting and auditing services to realize a green vision and to integrate into the business processes. Core business is dealing with the question whether, and especially as a meaningful combination of ecology and economy can be achieved. Ranging from advice in the development and management of customized analyses to the CO2 footprint to the independent validation of internally or externally generated analyses, methods and results. As an independent Institute, the work of NADIA is based on rigorous scientific methods and institutional and international standards. When calculating the greenhouse gas emissions in transport logistics focuses on pragmatic but scientifically the NADIA Software solutions or on the integration quickly implementable tools into existing environmental management systems. More at

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GE Energy Western Europe

the global climate mitigation of the Cologne, Germany – representatives of leading international energy companies visit this week Europe 2009 (PGE) in the trade fair Power-Gen, to talk about global climate change and the impact of the economic crisis on the global energy industry. On the PGE executives from GE will show you ways, as customers can meet the challenges of climate change, by installing more energy-efficient technologies for energy generation and transmission, to help reduce regional greenhouse gas emissions. Steve Bolze, President and CEO of GE power & water, and Ricardo Cordoba, President of GE Energy Western Europe and North Africa, will present cost-effective, cleaner production technologies, which already used as example systems that consume the less fossil fuels, or those who use the alternative and renewable energy sources. Bolze and Cordoba will discuss also legislative reforms which are needed to the production and delivery renewable and alternative energy to increase, to protect water resources, and the regional economic development to promote. Many customers have already assumed a pioneering role and show that an effective policy to combat climate change must first recognize that each region has its own, unique energy resources and challenges\”, said Bolze.

GE’s global technology solutions are a good example of this strategy, because they offer greater fuel flexibility, with the projects create themselves, which are tailored to and ecologically and economically sustainable on the customers our customers.\” At the local level to promote greater fuel flexibility and power selection, GE collaborates with many European energy companies, to increase the efficiency, reliability and capacity of transmission networks, more alternative energies can be fed. GE Energy delivers its smart for example 90,000 Meter\”at Gothenburg energy, the leading energy company in West Sweden, with which customers can control their energy consumption and associated costs.

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Stuttgart Exhibition Centre

CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER goes into the second round with the adoption of the innovations in the EEG renewable energy and energy efficiency are more current than ever. The ever-increasing price of oil and the continuing news about climate disasters around the world contribute their part. One more reason to worry about how you can contribute to climate protection and to act. To do this, the CEP – POWER is CLEAN ENERGY 2009 the right platform. In usual competent way with comprehensive know-how in all areas, she informed for the second time by the 29 31 January 2009 in the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. The successful first event in March 2008 showed that the topic renewable energy & energy efficiency in construction and rehabilitation is more current than ever: round 10,000 visitors from all over the world gathered there on the energy supply of the future.

220 exhibitors presented their products and innovations. Next year the CEP – will begin CLEAN ENERGY POWER on Thursday to increase the level of trade visitors at the fair. In the face of the growing industry, one is corresponding increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors expected. The Baden-Wurttemberg has appointed the country energy fair this fair due to the special variety of topics. We have many exciting and new ideas, which we want to build in the project to ensure an interesting and informative fair stay our exhibitors and visitors,”as Sandra Bayer Teixeira, project manager of the CEP – CLEAN ENERGY POWER. This continuity of high-quality knowledge transfer is not least due to the network, which is behind the CEP. Passive houses project, which German Center for air and space travel (DLR) and the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of economy, environment, and nutrition and rural areas promote not only moral but the country energy fair institutions like the Fordergesellschaft renewable energies e.V. (FEE), the Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, the promotion of European above all content, which contributes to the high level of the event.

Minister President Gunther H. Oettinger has once again his patronage pledged. On the CEP – CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 can get visitors over the entire bandwidth of the renewable energy & energy efficiency in construction and renovation. The topic spectrum ranges from photovoltaics and solar energy using geothermal, heat pump, heat power cogeneration, biomass, Stirling, heating with wood and energy services. Around a quarter of the measuring surface is taken from the subject of passive house, which is a focus of the trade fair at the same time. “Together with the specially founded Pro passive house” there will be many activities around the passive house in a highlighted area of the trade fair. Learn more about the fair at:.

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